Drew Olson in New York ...

If Drew Olson doesn't end up in NYC as one of the finalists of this year's Heisman's awards, then you can officially call the whole process a big joke. Here is Kuwada on DO having one of the best seasons in the history of Pac-10:

Olson also might be having the best all-round season for a quarterback in Pac-10 history; it's certainly one of the most efficient and productive.


Olson, who had to fight off a challenge from Brigham Young transfer Ben Olson in fall camp just to retain his starting job, has completed 218 of 322 passes (.677) for 2,909 yards this season with the 30 touchdowns and just three interceptions.

Elway, perhaps the most prominent name on the list of single-season leaders for touchdown passes at the Pac-10 schools, completed 248 of 379 passes (.654) for 2,889 yards when he set the Stanford record with 27 scoring passes. He was intercepted 11 times in 1980.

Leaf completed 227 of 410 passes (.554) in 1997, with 11 interceptions to go along with his 34 touchdown passes. Smith completed 215 of 371 passes (.579) in 1998, with eight interceptions. And Barnes completed 250 of 420 passes (.595) in 1996, with eight interceptions.

Olson broke the UCLA record of 25 set by Cade McNown in 1998. That season, McNown completed 207 of 357 passes (.580) for 3,470 yards with 11 interceptions and won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, which goes to the top senior quarterback in the nation.
Dohn has more on Olson's mindblowing season in comparison to some of CFB's best:
Matt Leinart owns the Heisman Trophy and it is fruitless to argue about USC's winning streak and his guidance of the top-ranked Trojans. He also has Reggie Bush and LenDale White, and receivers like Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith.

Texas' Vince Young is a remarkable talent, combining much-improved passing skills with a remarkable ability to run with the ball, and a wonderful supporting cast.

Olson, who has completed 218 of 322 for 2,909 yards, has thrown for five touchdowns in two games and a school-record six touchdowns in another, and led four comebacks despite trailing by double-digits in the fourth quarter each time.

Olson also made good on a promise 11 months ago to reassess his game, and backed up his speech during a players-only meeting he called the day after the Bruins' undefeated season ended last week at Arizona.

And his value is well beyond throwing the ball.

"He's more relaxed," Drew said. "It's unbelievable how relaxed he is in the huddle. When I fumbled on the goal line, he was like, 'Whatever. We'll get the ball back and drive down,' and that's what we did."
Again, if Olson has a big game and leads this Bruin team in ending the streak on December 3rd, he should get serious Heisman considerations from around the nation. Sure as Dohn notes Young is having an incredible season, but if Olson beats the evil empire it will be very difficult to put some kind of numerical value on what he has meant to the blue and gold. He'd be the second Heisman QB in UCLA's history in our book. In any event as it is right now ... Drew Olson should be headed to NYC. Go Bruins.
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