A Mushroom Cloud Over U.C.L.A. ...

UPDATED 1:29 pm EST:As A points out in the diaries, if you want to contact Dan Guerrerro, the UCLA AD, and let him know how you feel about Saturday by emailing him at dguerrero@athletics.ucla.edu. FIRE AWAY.

There better be a mushroom cloud over UCLA today. This is probably the best post-game post I have seen on the Bruin message boards since the Saturday afternoon massacre. Here are the money grafs. from "adakbruin" on how Pom Pom clowned his "Pac-10 Co COY" in South Central:

Whatever you want to call this game today I saw it as pom pom having a punk fest on UCLA....

-squib kick off's that were NOT to avoid Mo Drew but to create a "long field" onside kick potential each and every time...there was some sort of odd strategy in those squibs and it was NOT out of respect for Mo Drew...we were flopping around like dying fish on a pier deck each and everytime going after the ball..nope..those squibs were some other reason.....

-$c constantly going for first downs on 4th and forever plays became one of the most humiliating things I have ever seen at this level of play...like it was some sort of sick experiment...

-their HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER FRANCHISE QB SENT OUT ON A PASS PATTERN when they really didn't have to do it...

-Drew Olson being "CLASSIC DREW-PAUS" for the second time out in three games...sacks, fumbles, inability to scramble...passes blazing away into multiple coverage to ML...

-MO DREW being tossed around like a midget in a circus most of the day.....

-NO containment to the inside EVER on Reggie Bush though the ENTIRE world knows that's where he starts doing the most damage...

this was so sick and then Carroll pulled the first string out in what..the middle of the 3rd quarter???

The ZANY Keystone Cops Bruins again...in case we were to forget that version of us.....the whole world watching...and wincing and laughing in amazement...

Apparently the coaching staff AGAIN did not teach first down situational awareness...like WHERE is the first down marker ...so we saw the horror AGAIN of receivers running passing patterns 3 to 6 yards INSIDE the first down marker and then expecting what to happen??? All season long that has been happening....WATCH just about ANY other game and you can see players KNOWING where that marker is..this is something that is drilled on and coached...maybe this staff can get to that page in the PLAYBOOK and spend the next three weeks teaching it to these kids...

and most of all....the infamous WCO....wow...didn't sniff a hint of it at all again...like in Tucson or most other games......so if this is what they are practicing all the time...how in the hell do you expect the players to execute NEW plays during an actual game....or was that WCO stuff a bunch of fancy, sexy sounding PR hogwash all along??

All I could think of us was that Dueling Banjos theme from "Deliverence" and what happened in the forest was EXACTLY what was happening to us in South Central.

nothing else to see here....the paramedics and fire trucks are here with the tow trucks....everybody just move along...
keep moving along....
Oh there is more ... contd. after the jump.

adkabruin zeroes in what we have been saying here last 24 hours, Kerr needs to be fired, like today, and we better win our bowl game (against Northwestern) if we want to end this season on a decent note:

We got some repairs to make before the last week of December...if we don't learn from our mistakes...we will repeat them.

But then 9-2 ain't bad except it was done with massive defensive failures and scoring against us...and for that reason DESPITE being 9-2...Kerr has to hand in his papers.

This ugly score demands that somebody walks the plank....the offense by not doing jack today forcing the D to be out there nearly the whole game getting hammered contributed to the D's utter and total collapse...

But somebody's head should come off for this atrocity. We WERE ranked #11 was it??? What in God's name do you think we will be ranked after what happened today? Tucson became a freefall in the rankings...the powers to be gave us a second chance...and then we did this.

Our only salvation is to win that bowl game...be 10-2....and in years to come...the DETAILS of HOW we became 10-2 will fade away and it will become a positive and enviable stat in Bruin football history...Eventually those who know better will die off and nobody will be left on earth to relate the story except of course for dead toejams who will still be yackn' away about it from their common plot unmarked graves around the Coliseum.
Make sure to read the whole post. Bottom line we must win the bowl game if we want to salvage any good vibes from what could have been a memorable soon. Record wise it's been a good one, but right now it tastes like sh!t.
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