Morning News Roundup

So on Saturday the OC Register wrote a report on how our corners being not so experienced could be a little shaky this season.  Yet today in the LA Times we find out that our corners are coming around well:

Sophomore Rodney Van has been a highlight in training camp with his ability to play against the pass and run. And senior Marcus Cassel has made his presence felt.

But neither cornerback has been able to crack UCLA's starting lineup because of the steady play of sophomores Trey Brown and Michael Norris.

"It's a great competition and that's what makes you good on defense and at a particular position," said defensive coordinator Larry Kerr, who also praised the play of redshirt freshman Byron Velaga.

"We've got some guys really playing well," Kerr said. "They are making each other better and they are really helping our entire defense because they are so active."
Sounds great Coach Kerr.  I guess we fill find out when they line up against Tedford's offense on October 8 just how much they have improved from last season.

Nothing earth shaterring from the daily reports from other rags.  Here is Dohn from the Daily News with the tragic news concerning Kyle Morgan's family (our prayers are with Kyle), and Janis Carr from the OC Register has a feel good story about freshmen John Hale could make significant contributions at the OLB, since Walker and Davis are still recovering from injuries.  Good to see a freshmen learning fast, but we sure hope Walker and Davis recovers soon, because we are going to need their experience if have any hopes of improving on our dismal run defense from last season.

Also from those reports, the update on Chris Horton is not so great. Right when Chris made out of the no-contact "red jersey" he dislocated his right wrist. He is out indefinitely, and will most likely miss the SDSU and probably the OU games. Enter Keyes at the starting spot. This is bad news, but should not be an excuse. Keyes was a blue chip recruit high school, and he should be ready if he has gotten the coaching of a big time program out at Spaulding field.

And, we end with a blurb from the LA Times report linked above, which has this profound observation from Karl Dorrell concerning the ongoing quarterback competition:
Dorrell on unrelated quarterbacks Drew Olson and Ben Olson:

"Ben has come a long way since spring but so has Drew, but under different circumstances. With Ben, he had to progress fast just from the mental capacity. Then, there's Drew who had to deal with serious physical injury and surgery to get back to the position he's in and he's actually looked better than he did last year.

"Both of those guys have responded to the challenge of competing. They're doing a nice job so far in camp."
Yeah, that really cleared up the muddled QB picture.  Didn't it?

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