Chris Rodgers: Lute is evil emperor! (UPDATED)

Edited to remove pictures so as to fit frame. -Ajax UPDATED (2/14):: Lute reinstates the Gladiator:

At the tail end of his weekly 30-minute media conference, UA coach Lute Olson announced that Rodgers would return to practice Monday and that Olson will monitor the 6-foot-4-inch guard as the week progresses to determine his status for this week's games at California and Stanford.


"He's fulfilled the various responsibilities that have been set up for him to get back," Olson said Monday. "I visited with all the guys individually today to discuss that situation and they are all very much in favor of his being back on the floor. ? To a person, his teammates felt that it would be a good idea to have him back." rofl. Wonder how those Arizona trolls are going to keep defending these desperate manuevers of a senile old coach who clearly has lost total control of his program and will end up retiring as a shady laughing stock of college basketball - just like Tarkenion from UNLV. - N

From the diaries. Meltdown continues at Viagra Lute's desperate program. -N

So the meltdown in Tucson continues as Lute continues to flush what little "legacy" he has remaining down the toilet.  The latest classic straight out of Tucson is Chris Rodgers' desperate plea for attention in a mass email he apparently sent to local media outlets regarding his dismissal from the team.

The whole, LONG email is an instant classic ("the true shall set u free" as Chris' signoff line has to be my favorite) and a must read.  While I could certainly have some fun pointing out the obvious, which is that Chris has been getting grammar tutoring from Miles Simon, I have to go right to the real heart of this matter:

If you have ever seen the movie Braveheart or Gladiator then you will understand exactly how I feel about my situation here.

Hmmm, let's see.  I doubt Chris thinks he is playing the part of the evil emperor in Gladiator or the evil king in Braveheart.  He must view himself as Russell Crowe or Mel Gibson, the horribly oppressed but unbelievably courageous heroes that overcome all evil in the happy ending.  That only leads to one conclusion, the bad guy is Emperor Lute!  Man, I hope Chris isn't planning to go all Maximus on Lute, wandering out on the "Lute Olson Court" floor to get his revenge.

All comedy aside, and there is a lot of comedy going on in Tucson these days, it is clearer every day that Lute's run is over in Tucson.  He had a great run, no doubt, and is a deserving hall of famer, but the combination of the Arizona program's decline with the rise of Coach Howland's UCLA program has left Lute looking old, clueless, and out of control.  Not the way a hall of famer should be wrapping up his career.

As for Chris, keep hanging in there, kid.  After all, "the true shall set u free."

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