Coming to a freeway near you ...

UPDATED 1/12:From Steve at who posted this in the comment thread:

I'm Steve - admin of These past 48 hours have been INSANE. I've enlisted the help of two friends to help keep up with the site. I've received several interview requests today (ranging from AM radio to TV news and even a few newspapers). As a result, I'm now struggling to schedule all the free publicity -- wow, that still hasn't sunk in...

Our first "article" written by a professional journalist appeared on the sports blog for the Austin-Statesman newspaper (Austin, TX's major newspaper) this morning. Here's a link if you're interested.

Oh, we also made it on

We are very near the $2k mark. So things are looking up.

We still need to nail down a potential location for the billboard. Also, I am seeking out any and all pricing details on billboard space in the LA area. If any of you know someone who may be able to help us out, please contact me at

On a humerous note, the USC fanbase has been sending me a non-stop stream of hate-email. It's so humerous, in fact, I'll probably end up posting the good ones on the onepeat forums.

It's getting late here...I'll try to post at least one update tomorrow. Thanks for your generous support and for having me on!

Go Steve go. Let's help these guys out! GO BRUINS.

UPDATED 1/11: So they are over $1000 right now. They have also put up this FAQ on I say the why the hell not? It'd be freaking hillarious to see this somewhere around the 110.-N

Bumped - I think we should keep this up top today. Everyone should consider crossposting this everywhere, i.e. Longhorn, (LSU) Tigers' boards, blogs, what have you. Lets make this a national cause. GO BRUINS. -N

Look out. Do you wan this billboard to go up somewhere around LA, maybe even around the Harbor freeway:

Then go to and chip in some change. Those guys need some $$ to get this board up. I just ponied up a few. All of Trojan haters from around the nation should do the same. They don't need to add much more to that. Do they?

Hey ... even though don't have a real program under Dorrell, I will never turn down an opportunity to kick these classless loudmouth bastards while they are a little down. GO BRUINS.
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