It's About the Burger, Not the Bun

The Attempted Elevation of Style Over Substance

In an attempt to create an argument they think they can win, those who support the current football coach are rushing to defend what they would like us to believe are attacks on his personality or "style" of coaching.

In doing so, they demean and disregard the empirical research and substantive analysis that characterize the posts on Bruin Nation.

We are not a bunch of shallow fans who want a more animated or entertaining coach.

We are a bunch of real fans who know the sport, watch it carefully, love our university, appreciate our players, and want the best for both the game and our school.

The dissent on this board that is spreading throughout the sports world, is dissent rooted in substance not style.

Week after week, those of us who lurk here are presented with the best in depth coverage of our sports world available. I often wonder whether Nestor  and the other lead posters have jobs and real lives -- because the quality of their posts clearly show that they have put time into the research and thought into the analysis.

We have numbers wanks. Historians. Savy analysts. And, we get them on a daily basis.

So, I take great umbrage when our discourse of dissent is characterized as one driven by an unwillingness to understand or accept the fact that our coach has a different "style". And, I find offensive sport's page pieces that attempt to "humanize" him so that we might understand and accept him.

I find offensive the underlying assumption that we are upset with the bun, not the burger.

Anyone who can read, and has read this site knows that almost all of us truly like Karl Dorrell, think he is a decent man, acknowledge his good character, and his positive influence on the off field behavior of our team.

He is a great BUN.

But, one does not feast on the bun.

As a great commercial said, many hears ago "Where's the beef?"

It's all about the burger, bozos. The burger.

And, if you read Bruin Nation carefully, if you read it consistently, you will realize that the meat is missing.

That is our complaint.

If you think we are wrong, if you think this coach is running this program correctly, if you think he is the coach of both our present and future -- show us the burger.

We've seen enough of the bun.


PS. Yes, I know this is a rant. It's been building up inside of me and just escaped this morning. I'm tired of the apologists in both the blogsphere and traditional media mischaracterizing the issues in this debate -- totally disregarding the substance and focusing on the style. I'm sick of that spin in politics and I'm sick of it in this little corner of the sports world. I'm tired of being told that I am upset with the coach because I don't like his style or don't understand him. Rant over.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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