If you glance down our blogroll you will see we have a specific linked carved out for ESPN's Page 2. Hey it's kind of fun. And although Bill Simons kind of jumped the shark (he became a little unbearable after that whole Red Sox thing in 2004) a while ago, every once in a while he still comes up with a classic gem. Like this one from today ridiculing underperformance of certain NBA teams:

You usually know when your players are constantly saying things like "We just need to sustain that intensity for four quarters," "We need to play the kind of defense we're capable of playing," "We can take big leads, now we need to learn how to keep them," "We're a young team, so we're still learning how to bring the same consistency every night," "We have to start getting stops," and my personal favorite, "We need to learn how to execute down the stretch."

All if it is B.S. All of it. Players from well-coached teams never say these things. If those fake quotes look familiar to you, or if that Milwaukee article looks eerily familiar to others that have been written about your own team, then your coach is underperforming and needs to leave.
Simons was commenting on an article which ran in a Milwaukee paper commenting on the Bucks. Pretty interesting huh? We have been reading those quotes seems like every day for last few weeks.

Of course one of those fake quotes involving the underperforming Bruin football programs has to do with the myth of Dorrell having to work with an "young" team. We have been hearing that BS excuse ever since he got here. And today over at Dump Dorrell they drive a stake through that myth:
There is this myth around Bruin circles that UCLA has a young team. We do not. We have in all phases of our game (offense, defense, and special teams) the following break down. I put down backup players who currently have (or have had) seen significant time playing.


4 Seniors (Taylor, Chai, Hickman, Medlock)
14 Juniors (Pitre, Markey, Breazell, Sutherland, Joseph, Tevaga, T Brown, Horton, Keyes, Van, Whittington, Taylor, K Brown, Davis)
4 Sophomores (P Cowan, Paulsen, Hale, Lombard, Perez)
2 Freshman (Lanis, Carter)

Backups with significant time
2 Senior (Willis, McNeil)
6 Juniors (Dravogic, Snead, Harwell, Everett, Williams, Abraham)
6 Sophomores (Olson, Bell, Moya, Ketchum¸ Lockett, Bozworth)
2 Freshman (Verner, Chane Moline)

Returning Next Year
1 Senior ( J Cowan)

A lot of this year's starters were starters last year. Half of the guys playing are Juniors.
That information is of course not surprising to us since we broke down the depth chart position by position before the season started. And KD himself said before the started that this was his best and deepest team yet. Oh and if I am not off I believe all of these guys are Dorrell recruits (so can't get away with blaming Toledo recruits for blaming this team's underperformance).

Meanwhile over at hoops no one is lowering the expectations for a Howland coached team or expecting to hear any excuses of being too young. Coach Howlands team features 0 seniors. No fakers inside Pauley Pavillion.

Thank God for Ben Howland.

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