One word - SCum!

I HATE them, I HATE them all, every single one of them.  Especially all those "lifelong" fans they have now.  You know, the ones that talk shit about UCLA because SC has won 7 in a row(even though they have only seen the last 3) that walk around town in their #8 "Free Rent", I mean Dwayne Jarrett jerseys that have never been to an SC game and are still trying to figure out why all the other SC "fans" keep giving the "peace sign" when the white donkey runs up and down the field at the Colliseum.

Here is a perfect example of the SCum, yes I'm starting to call people out, from The Displaced Trojan blog, by a poster by the name of "Boi From Troy"(I wouldn't use a name but one of the links breaks off to a post that our "Bruin Blue" posted over here, so all is fair).  The copy and paste trick doesn't do this masterpiece justice.  He has 21 links in his little writing, which link to everything from Dump, to a link about OJ Mayo, to the score of last years game, to even a couple of our posts here at BN.  Go to (LINK REDACTED - N) to see this thing in it's full glory.  Caution: you will need a barf bag.

So, we turn our attention now to USC's crosstown "rival" ... of course, we use quotes because we can't be sure if that's an accurate word to describe the relationship here. It just doesn't seem appropriate.

Never mind that ESPN considers this Saturday's game a foregone conclusion, having run a segment last night projecting and analyzing what an Ohio State vs. USC match up will look like in the BCS Championship Game.

Never mind Cal fans, who revel in their little sister school's football failures, while claiming the Pac-10's No. 2 spot (literally and figuratively) as USC's true conference rival.

The thing is we know of real rivalry, and this isn't it. We know because we experienced a real rivalry last week. Sure, the "Irish" didn't put up much of a fight, but ND was ranked in the top-10 and the pre-game hype on a national scale was grand ...

BCS implications for both schools ... Quinn vs. Booty ... McKnight/Samardzija vs. Jarrett/Smith ... Zbikowski vs. Ellison ... Walker vs. Gable ... Weis vs. Carroll ... Touchdown Jesus vs. Non-denominational Education ... The after glow of last year's classic in South Bend.

This week we've got, what ... 66-19, Karl Dorrell and "Southpaw Jesus"? Ugh.

Sure, we'll hear all the usual crap from them this week. All the condom jokes, all the "spoiled children" and "second choice" stuff, along with a bunch of swear words with asterisks in them. But we know these are just feeble attempts to distract us - and perhaps more importantly distract themselves - from the reality of the situation.

Yes, their basketball team looks nice this year. But they can't even enjoy that very much, with this O.J. Mayo kid coming to town to steal the spotlight in L.A.

Yes, they've been waiting for their 100th national team championship for a while now. But what does that really mean when 22 of those titles happened in volleyball and softball, most before half the country actually played those sports?

Even their corner of the blogosphere is in shambles, having been thoroughly confused and demoralized by Dorrell's incompetence, A.D. Dan Guerrero's indifference, and the shadow of the unprecedented success that is USC Football.

We know they threw in the towel long ago, but this week they're grasping for something ... anything ... even if it means disgracefully refusing to engage in a friendly "roundtable" with Conquest Chronicles (for which this Displaced Trojan has been guest-blogging for the last couple weeks.) You can almost see the shame in their eyes as they make up this cowardly excuse:

    That's nice. But I think we are going to pass on it. We don't need any pity from the Trojans [...] We have done four of these roundtables throughout this football season. And every time we did this roundtable exchanging Q&As bloggers from other teams - Washington, Oregon, Notre Dame and Cal - our Bruins lost all of those games. As much as we respect the work of Conquest Chronicles, we are not going to have any roundtable with Trojans this game week on BN. We haven't done these roundtables for 2 games in a row (rejecting the last bid from an ASU blogger) and no way we are going to jinx anything now.

As if luck, let alone whatever their blog does or doesn't do, has any bearing on the issue at hand. For sure, the Trojans won't look past them. Our man Carroll takes care of that.

Still, we have to ask: Where is the rivalry? Are there any signs of life (let alone intelligence) over there? Is there any dignity left?

Just like ESPN, you know the answer already ...

Fight On! WE ARE SC!

These idiots have their heads so far up the "Humanitarian" ass it's disgusting.  All these SC "lifers" are loving the 7 straight, it's unfortunate that they never knew SUCk even played football before Carson Palmer won a heisman.  And I love the line about OJ Mayo "stealing the spotlight in LA" I know that drugs run freely around the University of South Central, but can they at least make a post while they aren't under the influence of some illegal substance?  And wasn't it nice of him to show that SC is envious of UCLA approaching 100 National Championships?  I dont expect anything less actually, times are rough over in South Central between the middle of January and the end of August.  But lucky for them they can still have their wet dreams about Pete Carroll during the off-season.

And how's this for a "swear word with an asterik".


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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