This is what we're up against.

This foe defeats UCLA football every day of every year.  This is our greatest challenge and it is one that has stood in our way seemingly forever.  This obstacle is called "lack of ambition."  This is the virus that still has hold over many in the UCLA fan base and in the Morgan Center.

This is a post I just made on a certain internet message board in response to some idiotic statement about how supposedly great Dorrell is for posting a 10-2 season last year.  All of the frustration just poured out in response.  I meant every word of it.

Quote - "We don't need to fire the same man that took us to the best record that we have had in God knows how long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KD has a great recruiting class next year. The future is bright!"

My response - Did you actually watch any of our games during the 10-2 run? It seems nice on paper, but in reality it was a fluke. Almost all of our wins were lucky fourth quarter comebacks. Drew Olson and Maurice Drew saved us last year. And our two losses were absolute blowouts. One of the those losses came to a really bad team in Arizona. That record was smoke and mirrors.

Alabama just fired their fourth year head coach. During his four years at Alabama, he has had almost the exact same record each year that Karl Dorrell has had at UCLA. He even went 10-2 last year. Despite that record from a year ago, Alabama decided to fire him this year for going 6-6 and losing to Alabama's rival, Auburn, for the fourth time. Alabama found out after four years that the head coach could not win consistently or beat his rival. This is what you do when your goal is to win national titles.

The future is not bright. The best KD can pull off is a fluke 10-2 season. It's obvious to anyone who has really paid attention to UCLA football that Dorrell will never win a national title and will never defeat sc. But winning national titles in football and beating sc are not your goals, are they?

The future is bright for you because you demand nothing but mediocrity. You don't care about competing for national titles. As long as we have the occasional fluke 10 win season, you're happy. You're used to losing and being irrelevant, so you demand nothing more.

The mediocrity of UCLA football is YOUR FAULT. It's you and fans like you that populate our fan base and accept this garbage. It's people like you who work in the Morgan Center. You have no fire. You have no ambition. This fan base and the athletic administration is more responsible for the downfall of UCLA football than sc is. We only play them once a year. You people are keeping this program down 365 days a year.

I keep reading about how sc "lucked" into finding Pete Carroll. Well, that's only partially true. They had to demand more from their football program to find Pete Carroll. They had to fire Hackett. They created their own luck by not settling for mediocrity. I hate them like every good Bruin should, but we need to learn from that.

We need to learn from what we did with Lavin. UCLA Men's Basketball is almost back to where it belongs and it's because we stopped settling for less. We "lucked" into finding Howland because we fired Lavin. We gave ourselves the opportunity to become fortunate, to get lucky. And we must do that in football if we want to become anything more than an also-ran in the sport. What we're doing now is not good enough.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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