Back from Cal. Plus

So I just got back from the disaster at Cal.  It was  a fun trip and I don't care what anyone says, there weren't 4000 Bruins there, not even close.  

I wore my shirt and fought through the cold during the game so that everyone could read it all day long.
Front: "Save UCLA Football"
Back: "FIRE Karl Dorrell"

I wore it to the Bruin Bash to start the day.  Believe me people, EVERYONE is behind us in getting rid of Dorrell.  Literally 15 or more people came up to me asking me where I got my shirt because they wanted one.  I told them I had it specially made but they could go to as they would have some shirts for sale real soon.  People were coming up to me saying stuff like, "Where did you get that?" "Where can I get one?" "That shirt is great!" "We need to get rid of him ASAP" and on and on.  I told them all that we need to start speaking up.  I did get slack from one guy, but this guy was a joke himself.  This assclown comes up to me with a UCLA shirt and a SUCk hat.  He literally gets in my face and asks why we need to get rid of Dorrell.  I gave him all of the obvious reasons, and he still wouldn't go away.  He tried convincing me that Dorrell was a good coach, but I stood my ground.  Then he tried defending Dorrell saying to give him a couple more years.  That's when I couldn't handle it anymore and laughed at him and walked away.  But here is the best part,  this asshole tells me, "you're just like an SC fan trying to get rid of your coach too early."  I turned around and said, beleive me, every UCLA fan wishes Hacket was still at SC, but unfortunately SC did the SMART thing and hired a compitent coach, kind of like we should do.  He had no answer for that one.  Anyway, if any of you have ever been to a Bruin Bash, Dorrell's wife and family is usually there.  Well it took a few hours but she and the fam finally showed up and lucky for me she was sitting there chatting right next to the food table.  So, proudly displaying my shirt, I went and pretended I was looking at the food right in front of her to make sure that she knows and she can tell her husband that we're not screwing around anymore.  After that I walked away, but later did it once again, in case she missed it the first time.  I also went up and had a chat with Chris Roberts and Matt Stevens to make sure they saw the shirt as well.  I just made small talk with them, but I wanted to make sure they saw it too.  As I was walking away from talking with Chris Roberts, I see this guy like signaling to Chris to look at the back of my shirt.  I didn't want to turn around to see what his reaction was, but come to find out later, this guy introduced himself to the crowd as someone in the Atheltic Department.  How's that for sending a message?

On to the game:
Dorrell was an idiot as usual, im not surprised.  I fought through the cold and didn't put a sweathsirt on to make sure that the shirt got as much show as possible.  I took every opportunity to stand up and stand on the bench seats to make sure everyone could see.  I heard one guy trying to start a cheer "Fire Dorrell!  Fire Dorrell"  No one else caught on though.  And when the usual UCLA fans were leaving at the beginning of the fourth quarter, I stood up and faced backwards that way they could all see it as they were walking up the stairs to leave.  A few more people came up to me in the crowd asking where I got the shirt and where they could get one.  A few people even told me they were UCLA fans rooting for Cal hoping that if we lose out Karl will be fired at the end of the season.  

Overall it was a fun trip, Cal usually is.  Too bad we don't have a coach that could give our team a fighting chance up there.

One other side note I just remembered.  At the end of the first half when we recovered the fumble with about a minute and a half to go, I turned around and told my dad, "If he runs the ball right now, i'm going to go down there and kill him myself."  Well sure as shit stinks, our boy Karl ran on first down.  The good thing about this, and the reason im writing, all of our fans started booing Dorrell.  And by the looks of the rest of the plays on that drive, he heard us loud and clear.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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