Don't Give Up on Medlock!

Damn!  Medlock lost his shot at the Heisman when he kicked two gimme FGs wide right.  But don't lose hope.  He may still be invited to New York for the final five and that free dinner.

Tedford made the better halftime adjustment when he spread jelly on Marshawn Lynch's jersey at halftime.  How else to explain UCLA's gutless, wimpy-ass, second-half, arm-tackling?  

Can you blame the coaches when veteran receivers drop TD passes right on the money or your inexperienced QB throws brick picks in the redzone or your Heisman PK whiffs two FGs?  Whose playing at the next level?  Longshore or PC?  Lynch or Markey?  Jackson or Taylor?  How can't you blame the coaches when the same mistakes are made game after game?

Walker is a brilliant defensive coach who learned from his mistakes.  The good news is, that's why he switched from man to man vs WSU to zone vs Cal.  The bad news is that he played the man too tight and the zone too soft.  So we got burned both times bad deep in both games.  Maybe he'll get it just right the next time.  Ya' think?

Remember when Matt Moore and a bunch of other UCLA players left early on their own after a year with KD and some people said they were quitters and we were better off without them?  Who beat USC last week?  Who's visiting us this week?  Who beat out Mike Riley to replace Bob Toledo?  Are we better off now, or would we better off if we had ... just kept Toledo.

On a night we ran up over 500 plus yards in total offense and had no sacks, the two coaches you can't blame for this loss are Coletto or Svoboda.  That leaves ...  Of course, it would still be nice if we could run around end just once.  

UCLA beats Notre Dame if we use the little swing passes out of the backfield and/or Chase Moline and Pitre to run it three times like we did tonight on our last series of that game.  The failure to do either at ND remains even more inexplicable.

I still don't understand why KD opened the playbook up for PC from the beginning and never did it for BO.  

William Snead is a beast at TE.  Why don't we throw more to him?

Bad teams lose games like this where they outplay the other team overall but never finish their drive, or finish off the other team's drive, or never finish the game.  They always come "close," just miss or grab air any time the game is on the line.  The devil as always is in the details.

Who do we miss more?  DO, ML or MJD?  I say MJD.  With him and a healthy BO we beat Cal, ND and WU, because we finish.

At this rate we will be lucky to be 5-7 with a win over ASU, maybe.  6-6 would take wins over ASU and OSU.  Good grief.  Most likely 4-8.  Notice how I left SUC out completely?

Was last year's 10-2 an overachieving team?  Yes.  That's why KD got PAC 10 coach of the year.  Is this year's an underachieving team at anything less than 7-5?  Absolutely!  What should he get for that?

Is UCLA the only school in 1A to win 20 in a row and not win a National Championship?  Probably not, but it sure seems that way.

Ever notice how Pete Carrol and Charlie Weiss always go for it on 4th down whenever they're in the "Medlock zone," the other team's 20-40, and they almost always make it, building up almost insurmountable early leads?  Didn't they learn to be more conservative on 4th down from their days in the NFL?  Oh, college isn't the same as pro?

Greatest coaches in UCLA football history:  Red Sanders, the legend.  Tommy Prothro, very good but got out before it got bad.  Dick Vermeil, very good but left too early.  Bob Toledo, very good offensively, but streaky.  Terry Donahue, the best mediocre can get, and the father of KD who, unfortunately, has been below average, save last year.  So with very few exceptions we've been suffering a long time, Bruin fans.  

I know.  I've been a fan, honestly, since 1956, when I was seven.  I've lived through it all, year by year, decade by decade, and most of it's been, frankly, brutal.  This year has been no exception, save for the first 59 1/2 minutes at ND.  Never been prouder to be a Bruin, but these f***ing moral victories are no substitute for finishing!  We should beat OSU.  We should beat ASU.  We must beat SUC!  This team must finish 7-5 or it's coaches shouldn't!

Go Bruins!  Beat SUC!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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