Walker's 1 Year Deal Is Big News

re-posted from the comments section with some edits

I think this news about Walker's 1 year deal is bigger than what it may appear to be at first blush.  I cannot believe I am saying this, but KD may have a chance to win a national championship next year!! Wow.  Think about this scenario.

  1.  Walker's 1 year contract basically ensures that he is gone after '07.  There is no other reasonable way to look at it. He is going to fulfill his dream of being a head coach.
  2.  KD will have to replace his star DC for '08 ... a 4th DC in 6 years.  
  3. '07 will be KD's best chance to win the Pac-10. That is a given we have long discussed - so many returning starters and seniors and a favorable schedule.
  4.  KD and DW want to move to higher ground, KD to coach in the NFL, DW to become a head coach in college - long since publicly stated.  After next year their reputations will be at their peaks and they lose nearly every starter to graduation. It will be the best time to make their moves.
  5.  Svoboda will be out as OC after the Emerald Bowl.  KD notoriously needs a scapegoat. He will not take the OC position himself, despite his 'offensive genius.'  He needs to hire a new OC.
  6.  Any potential new OC will know all the facts above.  
  7.  KD should sell the 1 shot "championship run" angle to the best OC out there looking for a jump up in status himself.  This may be the one opportunity out there that gives a great OC a chance to step up and shine in the first year, knowing that UCLA will not expect him to stick around.
This all sounds a little bizarre I know but the reasoning is solid imo.  Walker's 1 year contract makes public that UCLA knows it has a 1 shot chance at glory next year.  With UCLA's public acknowledgment, coaches around the league will recognize this too - no guesswork needed.  KD can do the right thing and sell next year as an opportunity for a title run to the best OC out there.  And if he and Guerrero succeed in enticing someone of the highest caliber we may have a great year next year.   This has the potential to play out nicely.  

And the funny thing is KD will get all the credit, which is fine with me.  KD will go to the NFL and suck it up or whatever.  We will have our great year and a new coach in '08 to build on that year.  It's the perfect storm.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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