5 worst decisions from the Emerald Bowl

Bumped from the diaries. GO BRUINS -N

My calls for the 5 worst decisions relating to the Emerald Bowl:

(5)  My choice to go for food with 29 seconds left in the 1st quarter.  The absolutely idiotic adult concession workers on field level were so slow, so poorly prepared, so clueless that they needed a pen and paper to subtract $17.50 from a $20.00 bill... even after their registers apparently displayed the correct amount.  This ill-advised food run resulted in me not making it back to my seat until the 8:40 mark of the 2nd... AFTER missing the rarest of sights this season, a Junior Taylor reception for a touchdown.

(4)  The apparently horrible judgment call by UCLA equipment managers to equip our team with tap shoes instead of wet-conditions cleats.  I thought it would be cold and wet, and I bought a good rain jacket the night before driving up.  You mean our guys were in town for a week and couldn't get shoes with decent traction???

(3)  Ryan Graves' brain-lock that led to him running UPFIELD to catch a punt and field it over his shoulder, which resulted in him sliding even further backwards on his bedroom-slipper-slick shoes and burying us deep in our territory.

(2)  Derrick Williams' moronic delusions of grandeur by pretending to be on a GOOD team, namely our basketball team, by trying to f---ing DRIBBLE a live ball on kickoff, even when every fan in the place could tell it was going out of bounds and no FSU player was within 20 yards of him.  I was so mad after that STUPID play, I almost wanted Williams to walk back to the hotel in full uniform.

(1)  The gutless, yet arguably inevitable, accion sin conjones of our own Coach Dorrell to call a timeout on a 3rd and 3 within the 5-yard line and call a -- YOU GUESSED IT, I GUESSED IT, EVERY UCLA FAN OVER THE AGE OF SIX GUESSED IT -- a run up the middle, something that hasn't worked at any critical moment ALL F---ING YEAR!!!!!!!

HONORABLE MENTION: The talent coordinators for the Emerald Bowl booking the country-rap duo "Seminole County" ("...with the #1 album in Holland last month!") as the halftime headliner. Juggler was better. Shoot, Corey Feldman at Spring Sing in the 90s was better.

Like I drove 6 hours to see this team pull the same spineless crap we've been doing all year.

This team does NOT play to win.  It plays NOT TO LOSE.

Just like its coach.

Despite Dan Guerrero's plans, this team does not "fire out."  It burns itself out out of fear of losing.

Dorrell coaches like he is afraid.  Afraid of losing, afraid of criticism, afraid of failure, afraid of firing.  He's gotten the first two.  He may yet succeed at the second two.

Dorrell does not know how to play with a halftime lead.  Washington.  Notre Dame.  Washington State.  And now FSU.

Dorell does not know how to score within the 5.

Dorell does not know how to rally a team that does not have a senior quarterback, a 6-6 athletic freak at the tight end spot, or a 5-7 human bowling ball with almost unparalleled leg strength and sprinters' speed as a halfback.

Dorrell does not know how to win without having players with overpowering physical gifts.

Dorell apparently does not know how to recruit players with such gifts, as evidenced by our continuing stream of undersized defensive backs, or lightweight receivers, or offensive linemen who are incapable of being mobile and strong and smart at the same time.

Dorrell does not know how to even read a freaking weather report and prepare a team to deal with the cold and wet and windy conditions that fans going to the game have been preparing for for a WEEK.

Aside from last year, he's a perfectly unimpressive 19-19.  In the REALLY big games -- U$C and Bowl Games -- he's 2-6.

Yeah, sure, he's getting another year.  But we don't have to like it.

Garlic Fries and a Coke in AT&T Park?  $12.
Tickets to the Emerald Bowl?   $40.
Gas driving to and from San Francisco?  $80.
One night hotel stay and parking?  $135.

"Coaching" by Karl Dorrell and the rest of the staff after our "turning point" victory over U$C?



<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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