I call bullcrap on

From their info on the Oakland region:

"Home Cooking: UCLA
During the tournament, any intangible can be the difference between winning and losing. California's most storied college basketball program, UCLA, will hope that playing in its home state gives the Bruins a home-court-like advantage." (Emphasis mine)

Oh. UCLA is 'California's' most storied college program. Really. I guess that puts us ahead of the Cardinal. Whoop.

Try the COUNTRY's most storied program. Recent success issues or not, you can't argue with 11 banners and Coach. Is it the Coach Kryszsdfasdolkjlkjaolsky award, given to the greatest player in college basketball (named after the greatest coach in college basketball)? 'Fraid not.

The wording of that phrase just strikes me as so deliberate, and so very wrong.

Edit: Ehh, looking over it now, I guess I can kind of understand why they'd say 'California' - if they're furthering the "home court advantage" issue. Still merits pointing out, methinks. But: The same page picks Kansas out of the Oakland region. Why? "Also, they're far more athletic than overrated Memphis and they've played a tougher schedule than UCLA and Gonzaga."

Really? Let's take a quick look at the Pomeroy RPI/SOS ratings. Why, there's UCLA, at a solid strength of schedule rating of 29. And look, a bit further down we find Kansas, with their schedule ranking of... 49. Oh, perhaps he meant their *grueling* nonconference schedule, during which they struggled mightily. Let's check - oh, ranked 142nd, which is close but not quite as good as UCLA's 14th, or Gonzaga's 19th. Clearly much tougher.

And hmm, getting rolled by Arizona (the same team UCLA took out 3x this season) and being beaten by Arkansas (a team WITHIN THE OAKLAND REGION) must have also suggested Kansas is the team to beat here. This is journalism at its finest, folks!

Yes, I'll give Kansas some due props. They improved greatly over the 2nd-half of the season, and destructimated Texas, one of the finalists for a #1 seed, in a Big 12 championship game played in Dallas. But if the explanation for their predicted victories in the Oakland region is that they're more athletic than one of the most gifted teams in the country, Memphis, and that they've played a tougher schedule than UCLA (EXCEPT THEY HAVEN'T)...

-sniff-sniff- ... Why, what's that I smell? Is it the lovely aroma of... Bullcrap?

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