Feel the earth move?

From the diaries. Took the liberty to change the post of the title a bit. Great find by Steve. 29 more hours to go. GO BRUINS- N

Following Nestor's suggestion, I'm putting up a link to a great article in (I think it's the website for a group of bay area papers, including the Oakland Trib):

UCLA finally has coach worthy of Wooden's seat

I think this article by Monte Poole more clearly makes the point that Michael Ventre's MSNBC article tries to do awkwardly, which is that BH is finally the worthy successor to Wooden that we have looked for, and not just because he's going to be a great coach at UCLA, but because every other program in the nation will now have to bend over for their ass-raping for the forseeable future.

For one thing, Poole quickly gets to the point:

MIKE MONTGOMERY left Stanford a couple years ago. Arizona coach Lute Olson can't be far behind. And thanks to a new NBA rule, college basketball coaches once again have exclusive access to the most gifted recruits.

Can you hear the engines humming? Feel the earth move?

It's as if a path is being cleared for a coach to assert supremacy over West Coast hoops.

It's refreshing to see that someone else other than us realize that Viagra Lute's prescription is running out.

 It's a recipe bound to attract recruits who long for the glories of the higher league. A nauseating thought for the other nine schools in the Pac-10. Just as one impact coach, Montgomery, departs and another, Olson, approaches his 72nd birthday, here comes a bully waving the big blue UCLA banner.

The indication is UCLA got it right this time. That the Bruins knew what they were doing upon hiring Howland away from the University of Pittsburgh in 2003.

(emphasis mine)

And I think Poole captures best what I thought Ventre was trying to say in his article, but failed miserably at that message, as evidenced by our earlier debate (emphasis mine):

In 1995, 20 years after Wooden, UCLA won another championship, that coming behind coach Jim Harrick, liked by a few and trusted by even fewer.

The seventh post-Wooden coach, Steve Lavin, a Harrick assistant promoted in the aftermath of scandal, got no respect and less acceptance.

And of course, Poole gets why we've been championing BH all this time:

 It appears Wooden, 95 and still going, finally has met the coach who can stand up to his legacy. The rest of the Pac-10 had better buckle up. As should the rest of college basketball.

We own all those bitches.

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