Tools of Troy (link)

I think the whole world needs to read this gem. Again this was not meant to be a parody. This was a serious post from a graduate of University of Southern California. -N

If you ever wonder what passes for an average Trojan, here is an example:

ScOldTimers post FIRED me up. Finally someone calls for us to make a stand. I have been getting depressed coming here everyday and reading all the "woe is me" posts while the media is having a field day ripping us over RUMORS. WE ARE TROJANS. WE DON'T LAY DOWN AND DIE. If we stand together we can hurt them a lot more than they can hurt us.

The thing is that we need to have a plan and take action, not just talk. Just like in the movie (which I liked BTW) we need to take the fighting to them. We need to make all these rumors and accusations go away ASAP. As soon as they go away then also all the speculation about sanctions, poor recruiting, out of control program etc goes away as well.

The first and easiest thing is to clear Sanchez. This is a USC town. If you work in the DA office, or know the DA, this is the time to apply pressure. Mark has not been charged with anything, so if the investigation is dropped it all goes away immediately. Pressure the DA to drop the investigation NOW. It is an electable office so the guy can be influenced. If the investigation drags on for months this is going to be a MAJOR pain in the neck (see Duke if you don't believe me). Get it out of the way NOW.

The second thing is to clear ALL these NCAA rumors. I have emailed the NCAA requesting a quick resolution to the Jarrett investigation. That should be an easy thing to wrap up and clear him. He either did nothing wrong or someone needs to pay Leinart's dad back. Big deal. Get it done with. Bush will be more difficult because of the lawsuits. Hopefully he and his family have some good Trojan attorneys working for him. Trojans carry a lot of clout in California, time to use it to help a guy who brought home a Heisman.

Also we need to pressure Garrett to take a heavier hand in dealing with the NCAA and PAC-10. Do you know how much money we have made them in the past three years? An astronomical amount. Trust me, if we start pushing back hard enough they will buckle. Someone told me that someone in the athletic department turn us in on one of these rumors. If so, the guy should be FIRED. It is time to circle the wagons and you are either with us or against us.

Trojan Al - noted graduate of one of the two most ELITE academic institutions in the ENTIRE nation - USC entering GPA average an astounding 4.0 (above sister school Stanford), SAT average an astronomical 1350 (towering above fast falling ucla), ACT average an extraordinary 29 (soaring above academic dinosaur cal), and Community Involvement Quotient average 5AA (above Harvard the "USC of the east" ), Time Magazine "Academic University of the Year", and wonderlick scores way above public school texas whose smartest player only got a 4!...and in last four years winner of four national STUDENT-athlete recruiting titles!

And no ... that wasn't a parody. The guy was actually serious. Also gotta love his tag line.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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