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One of those times when we all need to step up and help out a member of this Bruins Nation.

From BBR on Bruin hoops star Dave Immel and his family, who need our help:

Shauna Immel is fighting for her life.

Her husband, Dave Immel, is fighting for his family.

They both need your help.

Dave Immel is an assistant coach on the Southridge High School varsity girls basketball team and a former head boys coach at the school, but the battle that he and his family are engaged in now is far tougher than any the former Glencoe and UCLA hoop star has seen on the court.

Shauna Immel, 40, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after suffering severe abdominal pain during a recent trip to Seattle.

Now, after an emergency return trip to Portland and major surgery on June 22, Shauna has returned home after two weeks in the hospital to recover and prepare for chemotherapy.

Equally dire, however, is the Beaverton family's financial situation. While the Immels and their two children (Spencer, 11, and Kaelin, 7) have insurance, their costs for coverage so far (including one hospital stay and one return) haven't been received and are unknown, but are expected to be significant.

Shauna has coverage through her previous employer in Canby, but now that she is no longer working, the family will have to pick up her coverage through COBRA payments, which are not cheap and won't continue indefinitely.

"The fight Shauna and Dave are in could not be more serious," said Michael Meek, Southridge's head girls basketball coach and the Immels' close friend. "We're urging the Beaverton and Hillsboro communities to get involved now and help in any way they can financially."

A group of Southridge High School parents, students and community volunteers has kicked off a drive to help the Immels. A fund has been set up at US Bank, and families and friends in Beaverton and Hillsboro are encouraged to donate in person or online at Shauna Immel Lifeline Fund at We urge every member of the Bruins Nation to consider a contribution to the Shauna Immel Lifeline Fund in support of their family during this difficult time.

Times like we all need to step up and help out one our own. Their family is part of the extended family of blue and gold Bruins Nation.

Please help in whatever way you can. Thanks so much.


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