Lute Olson disses UCLA medical center

From Yahoo Sports

(CSTV U-WIRE) TUCSON, Ariz. -- No. 3 UCLA was not kind to then-No. 11 Arizona, and the UCLA Medical Center was not kind to Marcus Williams. The UA forward spent "three hours" there Friday waiting for an X-ray on the left wrist he re-injured late in the first half of Thursday's game at USC, according to UA head coach Lute Olson.

Olson said "there was some concern that there might be something broken," but Williams' X-ray turned out to be negative.

The experience at the medical center also turned out to be negative.

"Don't ever go to UCLA's medical center," Olson quipped.

The positive news on Williams' wrist, which Olson deemed a "sprain," made up at least in part for the long wait.

Still, Olson said he discussed the matter with former UCLA forward Don MacLean. MacLean told Olson he once left the center to go to his personal physician after getting hurt in a pickup game, not wanting to endure the wait.

I've also had a bad experience with both the UCLA Medical Center and Ashe (the student health center on campus).  I once had to wait 6 hours (6pm-midnight) in the med center's ER waiting room since Ashe was closed when I had an excruciating ear infection.  I actually went to Ashe earlier in the day and said that I thought I had some kind of bacterial infection because I was mucousy and feeling sick.  They told me to take some tylenol or something stupid like that, probably thinking I was some kind of hypochondriac.  A couple hours later I got a piercing pain that wouldn't go away, and I had to endure it till midnight when a doctor finally saw me, looked in my ear, and said "Yep, ear infection.  Here's a prescription for antibiotics and Vicodin for the pain."

6 Hours of waiting in pain.
2 minutes with the doctor to get what I needed.
Not fun.

Williams got unfair treatment, his waiting time was half of mine.  Pretty surprising from the #1 hospital in the West.

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