Yahoo: Tapes exist to confirm Bush payoffs

Bumped from the diaries. -N

Holy (bleep).

From the link on ESPN's main page, otherwise known as their blatant attempt to take credit for Yahoo's story

The existence of taped conversations between Reggie Bush or members of his family and an investor in a failed sports marketing agency could confirm the New Orleans Saints running back received cash and gifts while playing for Southern California, reported Wednesday.

A federal investigation into extortion claims by Bush and his family revealed the existence of the taped conversations, according to the report.

The U.S. Attorney's office in San Diego has issued grand jury subpoenas to multiple witnesses in the probe, reported. According to a copy of a subpoena obtained by Yahoo, at least one of the witnesses was asked to hand over "any recordings in your possession of conversations between Lloyd Lake and Reggie Bush, Denise Griffin or LaMar Griffin.

As soon as the words "grand jury" and "subpoena" is used, there ain't no messing around, folks.

We all knew Reggie "the Realtor" Bush was on the take, but extortion charges for some of the parties involved? Geez, louise.

Sweet mother of heaven.

Anyone think that the unofficial banning of $C's most recent Heisman winner from this past Rose Bowl was NOT just a little misunderstanding?

The Humanitarian will need to do some serious backpedaling if they don't want victories or their ONE championship taken away.  The NCAA cannot possibly ignore something like this, can they?  

Have at it, folks.

MIM PS -- Fixed my mis-reading of the original article. And many thanks to the guys who posted working links in the replies below. I'm still trying to get the hang of formatting here, but I wanted to make sure we had something on this last night. MIM

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