Dorrellian Madness

As an addition to the statistics already compiled by DumpDorrell, I just wanted to provide a chronology of the Dorrell tenure, focusing more on the specific experiences and embarrassment of certain losses than mere numbers. The point here is, even if KD's record (29-21) does not look too bad at first sight, it behooves people to actually look at the losses and how they happened. In essence, KD has only beaten 3 "quality" teams (Oklahoma 2005, Oregon State 2006, U$C 2006) while losing to many poor teams and underperforming in general.

2003 (6-6)
- 9/06: Loses to crappy Colorado team, forgot Manny White was on the team
- 9/20: Got shellacked by Oklahoma on national TV
- 11/01: Loses to Pac-10 doormat Stanford
- 11/22: Finished season with 4-game losing streak with a 47-22 beatdown by U$C
- 12/30: Loses Lame Bowl to Fresno State
Other notables:
- Created QB controversy, with Moore losing starting job to injury then transferring
- Offense finished ranked 100th in scoring and 110th in total offense

2004 (6-7)
- 9/04: gets run over by Oklahoma State on national TV
- 10/16: gets destroyed by Cal on national TV
- 11/06: loses at home to Wazzu, allowing 247 yards rushing to Harrison
- 11/13: wins magical 6th game at Oregon (see 12/23)
- 12/04: loses to U$C due to crappy game management - beginning of moral victories
- 12/23: loses Kaka Bowl to Wyoming on national TV on final drive - thanks to win on 11/13
Other notables:
- Beginning of "we are making progress" line

2005 (10-2)
- 10/01: falls behind one of the worst UW teams in history 17-7 in 4th quarter, saved only by Drew Olson and MJD
- 10/15: falls behind by 21 points to WSU, allowing 260 yards to Harrison, saved only by Drew Olson and MJD, winning in OT
- 10/29: falls behind by 21 points to Stanford, saved only by miraculous 21 points scored in last 7:04 of game, Breazell TD catch in OT
- 11/05: no more miracles, loses to Arizona (which has a losing record) 52-14
- 12/03: loses to U$C 66-19 on national TV.
Other notables:
- Defense finished ranked 113th out of 118 teams
- Assistant coaches and coordinators flee the sinking ship

2006 (7-6)
- 9/23: loses to rebuilding UW team by 10 after leading by 16
- 10/14: loses to Oregon, allowing 256 yards rushing
- 10/21: loses to Notre Dame - you know the story
- 10/28: loses to Wazzu at home, outscored 23-0 in the 2nd half
- 11/04: loses to Cal for 4th straight loss
- 12/27: loses to FSU in Nut Bowl by 17 after leading by 10
Other notables:
- called 2006 squad "my best team yet"

To be fair, here are a few positive achievements:
- 10/30/04: shut out Stanford at home (jump for joy!)
- 11/13/04: wins at Oregon to become "bowl-eligible" (it is never bad to win, but when you follow it up with the Wyoming embarrassment, I'd rather not go to a bowl)
- Successfully recruited Ben Olson, best QB prospect in the country (only to sit him on the bench...)
- Started 2005 8-0, giving UCLA national attention, including win over Oklahoma. However, no one took our team seriously because three of our wins were lucky comebacks against bad teams. This showed in the 9th game when we got destroyed by Arizona. Still, this team produced one of the best college QB, RB and TE of the season...though only MJD was recruited by him.
- Beat Northwestern in 2005 Sun Bowl (KD in the Hall of Fame!)
- Highly improved defense in 2006 (though it is already the 4th season), with All-Americans and best kicker in the country
- Beat U$C in 2006
- Cleaned up the program in general

I am sure I left out a lot of important points so please let me know if you think of anything. And please make sure no one from the NFL sees this.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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