Plays Of The Year candidates: Oregon State

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We are going to get right to it this week because we are short on time.  Here are the candidates for Plays of the Year from the Oregon State game:

  2. Brendon Breazell 69 yard TD reception in 4th Qtr.  We were still down 14-12 starting the 4th and our two drives, one downfield into OSU territory, stalled due to 5 penalties and a sack.  We had done nothing offensively to that point in the second half (except drive 5 yards for a TD after recovering a fumble on the OSU 5 yard line). On our 3rd series of the quarter we finally hit pay-dirt.  On 2nd and 10, Olson passed on a cut inside to Breazell who got out of the hands of 1 tackler then turned on the afterburners to go all the way to the house untouched.  Great play by Brendon and it gave us the lead.
  4. Reggie Carter forces OSU QB Sean Canfield to fumble at his own 5 in the 3rd.  We came out of the half down 14-6 needing to do something to get our game going and we go 3 and out.  Our offense was going nowhere and the play-calling was horrendous, the typical run-run-pass-punt.  Our defense finally stepped up.   On 1st and 10 at the OSU 14 Reggie Carter broke through the OSU line quickly and hit Canfield for a sack.  The ball popped loose and Christian Taylor was there to recover.  We had the ball at the OSU 5 yard line ... surely even Dorrell and Training Jay could not screw that up.  They nearly did but on 3rd and 1 Bell did break through with the TD, and we were back in the game.
  6. Ben Olson 30 yard TD pass to Brendon Breazell in the 4th.  Up by 12 and having been gifted a second kickoff return fumble in a row, our Bruins took over at the OSU 30 yard line with a little bit of breathing room and great field position.  Ben Olson stood back to pass, comfortable in the pocket, and threw a nice loft to Breazell on a flag route.  Breazell jumped up with a defender and came down with the ball. Nice grab and another nice touchdown for Breazell.  Put the game away.
  8. Trey Brown interception in the 1st.  On OSU's second drive of the game they were moving the ball well against our defense, just like the first drive which ended with a missed FG after OSU committed a stupid 15 yard penalty.  OSU was leading 7-0 however due to a Kahlil Bell fumble that OSU returned for a 30 yard score.  We needed to stop the drive before OSU went up by 2 touchdowns.  OSU QB Sean Canfield dropped back on 3rd and 7 at our 24 and couldn't find anything.  Feeling the rush he dinks it over our line to a receiver who was moving into coverage.  The soft ball hung in the air and Trey Brown picked it off and ended OSU's drive. 

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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