LB Press-Telegram on Dorrell

Didn't get a chance to read all the posts this weekend, but will do so today...

In case no one mentioned Bob Keisser's take on UCLA appearing in the LB Press-Telegram on Saturday, here goes. A sobering set of statistics yet again proving why Dorrell should be fired TODAY regardless of what happens the next six games against Pac-10 opponents:

[T]he Trojans were upset last season by Karl Dorrell - the lone highlight on his resume - and why they've looked so inconsistent this season in beating four mediocre teams and losing to one.

Just as one couldn't imagine some past USC teams losing because they were so consistent, it's hard to imagine them winning the rest of their games this season because they're so inconsistent.

At least Pete Carroll isn't going to lose his job, unless he makes Harbaugh a psychic and leaves on his own for the NFL.

UCLA and Dorrell were beaten by a winless Notre Dame team Saturday night that gained just 140 yards on offense, and in the process they lost another quarterback. Shocking? Not at all.

I challenge anyone to find another period in UCLA's football history where one coach has suffered as many humbling losses as the pleasant, gentlemanly Dorrell. Coming into 2007, Dorrell was 19-14 in Pac-10 games; 6-12 in games played in November and December, 1-3 versus USC including last year's 13-9 win but also losses by 25 and 47, and 1-3 in bowl games with losses to Fresno State and Wyoming.

The one season he went 10-2 was a pastiche of improbable wins and a pair of losses by 38 and 47 points.

Losing to Utah 44-6 and to Notre Dame when the Fighting Rash (thank you, Steve Harvey) gained 2.1 yards per play is unparalleled in UCLA history. You have to go back to the last three years of the Bill Barnes era (1962-64), when the Bruins were 10-20 and were held to 17 points or less in all but seven of those games.

The latest question for Dorrell is this: How does a Division I-A school in the Pac-10 find itself without a scholarship quarterback even after injuries to the two they have, especially since the injuries that hit Patrick Cowan - who was never expected to be a starter when he was recruited - and Ben Olson came early enough for UCLA to consider the need?

It's unfortunately part of the same pattern that began in Dorrell's first season. His teams are unprepared. He has good athletes, but not as many as compared to his Pac-10 peers (he's 4-7 versus USC, Cal and Oregon). His coaching staff has been a revolving door. Opposing coaches don't have to outscheme UCLA as much as wait for them to self-destruct.

The Bruins, idle this week, have two ailing quarterbacks; a walk-on, McLeod Bethel-Thompson, who imploded against Notre Dame; a sophomore, Taharqa-Osaar Rasshan, who was moved to wide receiver and hasn't been under center in a game since 2004; and a true freshman from a small school in San Diego.

The Bruins need more name quarterbacks as opposed to quarterbacks with three names.

They also need good fortune with Cal, Arizona State, Oregon and USC still on the schedule, plus Washington State, which has beaten Dorrell three of four meetings.

But he's on a six-game winning streak in conference play, and 3-0 this season, and we've seen his teams pull out a win in the past (see UCLA 13, USC 9) that has enabled him to survive the criticism.

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