Random Monday Thoughts

1.  Our next coach

Watching the Boise State - Nevada game from the east coast kept me up late, but it was worth it.  What a great game.  Our next coach did a great job just keeping his defensive players alive toward the end of the game.  They were gassed at the end.

It's easy to see why Boise State has such a good record.  But it's hard to see how Nevada has only two wins, one of which was over a Division 2 (or whatever it's called - Bowl Noncommittal Tackle Eligible Divison) school.  Their QB with the long name did not look like he had a clue, but he had about a million yards of total offense.

That's a little more interesting than what we see at the Rose Bowl.

2.  Maybe the NCAA is growing a pair.

I read where the NCAA dinged an elite basketball school.  Indiana lost a scholarship and something else because of some recruiting shennanigans by Sampson.  

If the NCAA will shoot at an Indiana basketball program, then maybe there's hope that they will finally look at justsc.  Could one of our smart computer guys send that story about (and by) Clarence Reese to the NCAA guys?  Psst - NCAA Investigators:  It's still happening.  Bush got paid while he was at justsc, and there is no way to deny it.  So do something.

3.  Non-journalistic journalists

There was a long exchange of posts mainly by sjh taking reporters to task, versus guys who said reporters can't ask hard questions or they'll lose their sources.  

We must have some journalists or journalism students looking in.  I'm sorry, DB guys, I can't remember your names (and I'm too lazy to look them up.)  What's your take on all this?  I'm not a journalist.  I know that it's hard sometimes to ask awkward questions (taking a depo of a middle-aged woman claiming loss consortium is no walk in the park).  But my feeling is that unless a journalist steps up, someone from the BN should try to get a press credential and should ask the questions that the MSM won't.

DB guys - would you ask some of these questions of the coach?  Especially the seniors - neither you nor CTS will be around next year, so why not show your stones by lacing into him when he utters his usual gibberish.

I'm out of subjects.  (Until next Saturday, that is.)

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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