[FRESH UPDATE V] Change is Brewin' for Bruins

Bumped again with fresh update from Fox 71 below

Bumped. While it is good news that reports rumors are surfacing that DG is talking about immediate removal of Dorrell and considering the possibility of Walker as the "interim coach," we will make something clear: we are not going to accept Walker as a permanent option at UCLA. Walker can stay through rest of the season, but we need a clean house next season. Period. GO BRUINS. -N

Nice little nugget from the, suggesting that Walker may have had a discussion with DG about becoming an interim head coach.

Perhaps all the hard work by BruinsNation and DD are paying off.

It's near the end of the article titled "If Callahan goes, Nebraska can't blow it again."

Here's the link to the full story and here is the UCLA mention:

Change is brewin' for Bruins

The next few games are critical to Karl Dorrell's future at UCLA.

A source told me that UCLA AD Dan Guerrero met with Bruin defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker last week during the team's off week to discuss the possibility of Walker taking over as interim coach this season if Dorrell is let go early.

Presumably, if Walker does well, he would be given strong consideration to become the head coach. Walker's defense has been strong since he arrived in Westwood before the 2006 season. He long has been considered a strong head coaching candidate, with his extensive background in the NFL. The guy is good.

I like the idea of firing KD now and giving Walker the interim head coaching job.  Players seem to like playing for Walker.  However, with that said, I don't "love" the idea because Guerrero may be tempted and/or pressured (for various reasons) to give any interim head coach the permanent job, and I want UCLA to hire a PROVEN HEAD COACH.

The days of UCLA "experimenting" with unproven head coaches (Lavin and Dorrell) needs to be a thing of the past.  It's just burned us too badly.  Also, DG still needs to prove to us his commitment to football.

Go Bruins!

UPDATE - N: I am glad we blockquoted the relevant excerpt. Looks like the excerpt in question has now been removed. Someone must have gotten to Dienhart. Things are happening out there folks. So please stay on these stories. And every time you notice something make sure you blockquote the germane part, instead of just linking to the story. Let's keep the heat on. GO BRUINS. -N

UPDATE II -N:From Perelman at What's Bruin:

UCLA sports information director Marc Dellins said this afternoon, "This story is categorically untrue. We have asked that it be removed from the Web site." As of 1:35 p.m. Pacific time, the segment of Dienhart’s blog entry concerning UCLA had, in fact, been removed. I have no problem with this. Its a standard denial. But it certainly doesn't deny the now obvious fact that the Dorrell is now on a scorching hot seat. This kind of rumor usually doesn't come up by accident. What's that old saying, where there is smoke, there is fire. Yadi, yada, yada. GO BRUINS. -N

UPDATE III - N: Now Dienhart adds this in his comment thread (emphasis mine): UCLA admits that its A.D. met with a Bruin assistant last week for "personal development" reasons. Uhm, Karl looks like Dan might be working on "disciplining" your "resources." Get that resume polished if I were you. GO BRUINS. -N

UPDATE IV -N: As BruinCore notes in the comment thread now Dohn tries his hand at damage control: The meeting with Walker and Guerrero was scheduled weeks ago, and it was decided the end of last week was best because Guerrero was out of town early in the week, and football was having a bye.
Trying to draw some sort of significance out of the fact that a meeting took place between the two of them at an eatery in Westwood is irresponsible. It's like trying to connect dots that do not deserve to be connected.
If the meeting was so significant to the future of Karl Dorrell, why isn't the other number of meetings between Guerrero and Walker under the same could of suspicion.
Quite frankly, it was an irresponsible report that was quickly pulled. Trying to read further into it, and to suggest it had to have some validity because the two met, is irresponsible. Is there anything more damning about the validity of a report than it being pulled off the internet?
I know some folks are not happy with Dorrell, but to try and turn this into something big is my basic problem with message boards/blogs/ect. Sure Brian we have nothing to see here. I am sure there is no heat on Dorrell as you would like us to believe. And I am sure just like you told us Dorrell should get six years to prove himself at UCLA. And what's up with that dig against blog/message boards. Someone besides Karl is feeling a little insecure these days. Sheesh. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE V: From Fox 71 (emphasis from our Opera Man):

I sent Deinhart an e-mail:

"I am a hard core Bruin. Like many of my friends and fellow alums, I believe that our current coach is the worst ever at UCLA and currently the worst football coach in the country. Naturally, I was delighted to hear that you had reported that Athletic Director Guerrero had met with Defensive Coordinator Walker to discuss the idea of Walker's becoming interim coach. The obvious conclusion from that discussion is that the current coach (whose name I simply cannot bring myself to type) would be fired.

Then it came out that Sporting News had deleted the comment about the meeting and the discussion of an "interim coach."

Please clarify the situation. I assume you did not make up the entire conversation. So would you clarify the situation? What were you told? I assume you are unwilling to identify the person who gave you the information, but naturally I would like to know that as well.

Thank you."

His reply puts all this back on the front burner:

"I had a good source, believe me. But, I should have cleared things with DeWayne.

If things go south the next few weeks, things will get interesting. The defense is fine. UCLA was HOT that I posted that nugget. They do admit there was a meeting, but they say it was for "personal development." Yeah, whatever.

What does most of Bruin Nation think? If there is a change, who do you want as coach?"

What say you Mr. Dohn? GO BRUINS.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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