California Gymnastics

I am sharing this as a humorous battle between two alums during a non-confrontational smack talk against another opponent (Cal Alumni) in a fantasy football league.  The Cal alumni questioned the origin of UCLA, the mascot, our fight song, even the name of "Pauley" pavilion (an ex-Berkeley Professor).  In return, he got a face load of this:
Cal Alum:

Did you guys know the Pauley Pavilion is named after a famous Cal alumnus, Ed Pauley?

You stole our fight song, adopted our mascot, damn near tried to take our team colors...hell, UCLA was originally UC Berkeley II.

While there is a common bond/respect for our lil brother down in beautiful Westwood,(unlike our fierce hatred for Stanford/USC and all those rich sheltered schools embody, do not for one second believe that we will take it easy on you this Saturday.

This is a business trip, and the Cal Bears juggernaut will not be caught off guard my friends!!!

Bruins Alum's response:

UCLA Bruins may have named the Pavilion after a Cal Alum but the Championships are definitely UCLA's forte.

UCLA 100 Championships to Cal's 23.

UCLA established in 1919 (in 88 years)

Cal established in 1855 (152 years)

It doesn't look like Cal is winning any football championships any time soon. Tedford's model of mediocrity.

And here are some "Championship" stats for California:

Total NCAA Team Championships: 26
men's championships: 23
women's championships: 3
coed championships: 0

Breakdown by Sport:
men's baseball: 2
men's basketball: 1
men's golf: 1
men's gymnastics: 4
women's rowing: 2
women's softball: 1
men's swimming & diving: 2
men's outdoor track & field: 1

Cal's best sport is men's gymnastics!

UCLA has 10 more championships in hoops and also has 1 football Championship. Once again, you are incorrect in your assessments. Cal is a gymnastics school. You should put on your unitard and go do some tumbles with that ugly bear mascot of yours.

Gymnastic school...haha, GO BRUINS!

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