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It's time for this week's Guerrero Grades.  For those who are new to DD or are coming back after a hiatus, we have been using Dan Guerrero's own words to assess Dorrell's performance during the season.  Here is what Guerrero said he expects this season:

"The important thing this year," Guerrero said, "is that we don't beat ourselves, that we play with consistency, that we're an excellent second half team and that we improve as the year progresses."

As we have posted all season and will continue to do, here is our assessment of Karl Dorrell's performance yesterday against Cal with Guerrero's clear points of analysis in mind ... let's remember that were it not for one single play, a mistake by Tedford, we would most likely have lost this game: 

  2. We don't beat ourselves.  Grade: D.  This week we looked more disciplined than usual, which is not saying much for a Dorrell coached team.  We had 4 fumbles (2 lost), 0 interceptions (!), only 1 sack, but still 8 penalties for 71 yards ... some of which really put points on the board for Cal.  We would give Dorrell a better grade here for at least improving on the usual bad stats.  But that 4th and 1 play, and the 3rd and 1 play immediately preceding it, were horrible calls, and showed Dorrell played not to lose.  There was also the late drives where Dorrell decides to air it out, and we nearly got intercepted on a tip, when Cal could not stop our running game. Does Dorrell ever adjust well?!  We would have lost were it not for a bonehead decision, one of many, by Tedford ... and Dorrell would have received an F here.
  4. Play with consistency.  Grade C.  Finally there was intensity, fire, enthusiasm in the players.  It was exactly the opposite that we saw at the Rose Bowl last game against Notre Dame.  As we said, we saw a little of the upside of Dorrell's manic inconsistency for a change.  But we were still inconsistent.  Cal got to our defense in the first half a little but then our defense adjusted well pretty much the rest of the game. The offense was inconsistent, not really getting anything going until the 2nd Quarter and living off the labor of the defense in the 4th.  
  6. Excellent 2nd half team.  Grade C.  In the second half we came out with a nice 80 yard drive capped by a trick play pass from Breazell to Johnson.  After that, our offense fizzled and the play-calling was inappropriate.  What adjustments did Karl make??  We're not sure if he made any on offense.  Our running game was working and yet Dorrell decides in the 2nd half he needed to air it out.  On that near fateful 4th and 1, after a nice kickoff return from Slater put us in Cal territory, Dorrell decides to pass on 3rd and 1 and then bizarrely punt on 4th and 1 ... after dumping a potentially necessary time-out needlessly when we were behind.  Cal could not stop our run and that is what Dorrell comes up with? Once again, what game is Karl watching?!  Why can't he adjust in game?? It's mind boggling. The defense came out in the 2nd half and flat out stopped Cal.  Aside from one drive, Cal could not get anything going. Part of that was Tedford's own inexplicable play-calling (Cal boards are all over him) and part of that was the consequence of Walker focusing his defensive scheme on stopping Cal's rush, just like we said he should.  Dorrell would have received a worse grade here were it not for 1 job-saving play by Verner and a brain freeze by Tedford.  
  8. Improve as year progresses. Grade C.  Dorrell "answered the bell" after another week of "coaching hard."  The Cal win reminds us that we have the talent to win.  But it also reminded us that Dorrell can easily lose games our players win on the field.  It also reminds us that Dorrell has survived on the basis of luck quite a few times now.  Is the team improving as the year progresses?  The defense certainly did.  The offense .. not so much.  With all the ballyhoo Dorrell tried to create by making himself a play-caller again (notice not many people actually cared or are reporting on it even now after the win) Dorrell should have lost this game BECAUSE of his play-calling.  Can't give Karl Dorrell too much credit for Walker's and Tedford's contributions. 
Fire away with your thoughts ...

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