More Of The Same

So the team is in the "hunt" for the Rose Bowl. Everyone is feeling good after a win over Cal. And the players are wearing pretty bracelets reminding them how they need to "finish" and win the Pac-10. So one would think the football team is having some intense practices out at Spaulding Field (while their basketball counterparts are killing each other inside Pauley). One would think. Except for the fact that this is a football team led by a Doofus and they have to constantly remind them of being focused. From Jill Painter in the Daily News

UCLA coach Karl Dorrell had his assistant coaches step aside for a bit after Wednesday's practice, while he had a discussion with players in the post-practice huddle.

Players said they agreed with the message he sent.

"He wanted to keep our focus more, moreso than anything," senior cornerback Rodney Van said. "He felt our focus lacked a little bit. As a senior group, we all noticed it, and we addressed it. We need to practice like we did for Cal."

The Bruins (5-2) could collectively hang their heads for many reasons. Quarterback Patrick Cowan didn't practice Wednesday - although Dorrell said he'd practice today - and UCLA is taking just five healthy defensive tackles to Washington State.

But UCLA is tied for first in the Pacific-10 Conference at 4-0, and players want to keep that undefeated conference mark in tact. That starts in practice.

"Practice was not up to our standards," senior guard Shannon Tevaga said. "Focus was the main thing we talked about."
Actually Shannon its not just practices. The whole programs hasn’t been up to our standards. Anyway, as Painter reports in another DN piece, the QB situation may be in flux again due to Cowan’s injury. Here is an update on Cowan:
It seems that it wouldn't be a customary week for UCLA without a quarterback controversy.

Patrick Cowan didn't practice Wednesday - he didn't even participate in drills with the other quarterbacks - raising obvious questions about the health of his right knee. What was even more telling was that true freshman Chris Forcier practiced with the second team, a day after quarterbacking the scout team, and Cowan spent a considerable amount of time tutoring Forcier on the side.

Karl Dorrell said Cowan will play against Washington State on Saturday, and that he'll return to practice today.

"We're trying to get some other quarterbacks ready to play, just in case," Dorrell said. "Pat, I did not want to practice him today to get him more rest time. He could have practiced, but I chose not to have that happen just to get him more rest. He did a lot of reps (Tuesday) and we pulled him back at the end of practice. (The knee) started getting a little bit tight on him."
Don’t get too worried. With or without Cowan, Bruins should be fine this Saturday considering the opponent they are taking on. Doba’s Washington State is either last or next to last in every major defensive category in the conference (more on that later this evening). But the point is with our without Cowan if UCLA gets any kind of competent coaching, it shouldn’t have a problem handing Washington State even with the Law Firm taking snaps up in Siberia Pullman.

Meanwhile, with QB situation in a little flux, this would be another week to get Osaar some action. Right? From the LA Times:
With Cowan limited to limping and watching, Bethel-Thompson ran the first-team offense and Forcier worked with the second unit.

Osaar Rasshan, who moved back to quarterback after switching to wide receiver during the summer, watched. Rasshan, who came to UCLA as a quarterback, is No. 3 on the depth chart for now.

"We're preparing Osaar to play," Dorrell said. "He still needs work, just like all those guys. We wanted Forcier to get more reps today. We'll evaluate the situation."
So why did Forcier get more reps? Is it because Forcier has a better arm? Is it because Forcier brings something to the team that Osaar doesn’t? Well let’s here it from Training Jay (from the same LAT article):
If Cowan is unavailable, or gets re-injured during the game, the Bruins will have to alter their play selection to a degree.

"Not entirely, but there are certain things guys do well," said Jay Norvell, offensive coordinator. "There are things you pattern for certain guys."

Forcier and Rasshan have good speed, which can make them effective as runners.
So once again let me get this straight. Training Jay seems to be implying Forcier and Rasshan can make a difference with their "speed." I have never heard anything from the coaches on how Forcier brings more to the table in terms of his passing ability. And it sounds like Norvell thinks they are at the same level. And then on top of that to reiterate a point we have made over and over OR has 2 more years of experience in this "system" than Forcier. So why isn’t OR getting more reps?

It’s BS like this that makes it so difficult to root hard for this program led by a clueless Doofus. Everyday we get subjected to more of the same nonsense out of Spaulding.

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