He won't resign... he'll milk this one till we get blown out of the water at $C

Many of you have already said it this evening:  'wish this was the last game of the season'

... to think we still have another month of this charade called Bruin football. What a joke!

I made an effort NOT to watch this game tonight. Why? Because I KNEW we would lose despite the line in Vegas, BN's confident prediction, the players' promises, etc.  In this case it was a done deal. We were supposed to lose, and the Wazzu players knew it and acted like it and had their way with us yet again. For our team, our coaches to let that happen is crazy. I fault our coaches more than our team, obviously, but geez, guys have SOME pride out there... after a while you have to play with guts with something... we simply (both coaches AND players) don't show up for some of these games... the evidence is how they were practicing as of late, where the players themselves admitted being uninspired...i'm sorry that IS on the coaches, but also on the players... have some pride, gentlemen, have some pride!

At the rate we're going... we'll probably go 2-2 (or 1-3, we have to live up to our standard after all)

... we'll beat AZ, or ASU (take your pick, it really doesn't matter), but won't win both... we'll probably beat Oregon, because for THAT game the team will show up, and Dorrell will pull something out of the hat to eek that one out, and then we'll face a pissed off SC team that KNOWS it can psychologically beat us, and they'll thrash us something like 38-10 (or heck, 38-3 or... why would we even score a TD against them, we can't do it against ND, Utah and Wazzu, what makes us think we could do it against those idiots cross town??)...

Upon facing what we hope will be his final game at the Coliseum, Dorrell will have that deer-in-the-headlights look he always has against every tough team (ahhhem... I mean, EVERY stinkin' game!!!! every team!-- why? because maybe he IS confused!).... He'll 'coach' his little heart out that last practice week and at that game, and then once again walk off the field in defeat, or in confusion or whatever is going on in his mind ... and then, folks, fellow Bruins, he'll be fired within 48 hours... if he isn't ... I want my UCLA diploma back and I'll take my allegiance elsewhere.

Don't get me wrong, I want us to win out, but know we can't and won't.  That's what it has come down to... I have absolutely no faith in this coach, this team or this program right now (and that includes Dan Guerrero who should also be on the hot seat, I might add!)....

If another loss or two means this clown and his coterie of coaches is gone, then let's fastforward and end the season now... After all, if we split the next two games.. we'll be 7-5, or hell, if we ONLY win one more, we end up 6-6, which is Dorrell's average record while at ucla... that alone is (or should be, at least we've been told) grounds for dismissal.

What a joke! to think that back in Sept. we thought we had a legitimate contender... Not even close!... think, if we had a decent team, we would be 8-0, atop the pac-10 and probably top three in the country... instead, we have fallen flat on our faces....

in many ways this is worse than Utah and ND.... now we KNOW this season is once again a complete and utter DUD. The last four years in a nutshell, repeated, all...over... again.

Someone wake me up when this whole thing is over... See you next Sept. Don't know if I can stomach even paying attention the rest of this season...

I say, but not with a lot of pride right now:  'Go Bruins'!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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