Coaching-Malpractice, Make a move, and another tune

From the diaries. GO BRUINS. -N

The game started pretty well against what was supposed to be an over-matched opponent.

Then all the wheels fell off as we were victims again of Coaching-Malpractice. KD and Training Jay's lack of competency are already well documented and proven again with another impotent offensive showing.

However, some still feel that DW is good enough to replace KD. To that, I give you the following video from last night's debacle. After the opening TD by Bell, the defense should have shut WSU down to take away any hope of an upset. Instead, in a scene all too reminiscent of the Dorrell reign: missed tackles, blown assignments and general confusion as the anemic WSU offense marched down the field sustaining a 10-play TD drive and the upset was on.

DW defenders can't say the defense suffered for being on the field too long. This was WSU's first possession. And if Doba hadn't made a couple of bonehead calls, the halftime lead would have been larger. Including the first TD, WSU's 1st-half drives were:

10-plays, TD
10-plays, FG
7-plays, punt
10-plays, turnover on downs
7-plays, turnover on downs
6-plays, missed FG

In the 1st-half, DW's vaunted defense yielded three 10-play drives and no 3-and-outs. I'll give them being tired in the 2nd-half, but no excuses for the 1st-half.

Mr. Guerrero, do you remember what you said when you got your job?

UCLA has a core group of supporters that will back the university as long as it is putting a product on the field that plays hard and competes at a high level . . . We have to do everything possible to convince the UCLA family and others who support college athletics that UCLA is the place to support. - Dan Guerrero, Los Angeles Business Journal, May 20, 2002

Can you say the play against WSU, Utah, and ND convinces the UCLA family to continue to support the direction the football program is heading?

It's past time to make a change.

(Grok's tune after the jump! -N>

D*mn Ad-ministration
(sung to "Just my `Magination" by the Temptations)

Week-ends on my TV I watch every Bruins game.
E-ven if we lose, I still can endure the pain.
To have a top notch coach
is truly a dream come true.
There's no more a deserving team
than the gold and blue...

But is it just the Bruins Nation*
Knowing we need the change?
Oh that d*mn ad-ministration
Ne-eds to make a change

Soon we'll be bowling
and lose to Podunk U. A-gain!
The alumni, steaming hot, surely will demand
real big changes, final-ly
We need a real coach and staff - please replace them all
Dump the Thinker, Training Jay, the ex-con and Backstabber(A).

But d*mn that weak ad-ministration, once again
Failing to make a move
Oh, d*mn that weak ad-ministration
Failing to make a move

Every night on BN I post,
Someone, hear my plea...
Don't ever let another take this hope from me
a B-C-S bowl bid
Ooh, National Championship
am I only dreaming?
Don't want to be no laughingstock
but mediocrity, the only thing we ever see

D*mn ad-ministration, once again
Failing to make a move
You know that d*mn ad-ministration
Failing to make a move

Let's get a winner, we sure need a winner
D*mm ad-ministration
Ooo yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Failing to make a move

Ooo, that d*mm ad-ministration
Failing to make a move
Sittin' on their hands, gonna lose the fans
D*mn ad-ministration

*and, of course,

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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