Dohn (like Duhrell) Living In Sheer Denial

If there is any doubt Dohn is starting to sound like a shill for Dorrell and his coaches, today's post should end it.

Dohn has put up a "Topic of the Week" on his blog. And guess what the topic is? No it has nothing to do the one and only topic that is dominating every conversation related to UCLA football. Instead Dohn has devoted a whole thread on the tired academics excuse, and offered this explanation for not covering what everyone else is talking about (bold mine):

I know there is a group that wants the topic to be a look at who UCLA's next coach will be, but I find it unprofessional to make it the topic right now because so much can still happen in this season. I know it is not going the way everyone wants, but UCLA is in second place and controls its own destiny.
If you view that as a long shot, so be it, but I deal in reality, not speculation.
Everyone can have opinions of what will transpire in the next month, and some are very strong opinions, but if you can guarantee what will happen, you should use that power for something more productive.
I will not be a party to such a topic at this point. If it becomes clear a coaching change will take place, than it will become a TOTW. Thank you. Get that? Dohn doesn't want to talk about coaching candidates, because UCLA still "controls its own destiny" for winning the Pac-10. That is Dohn's way of dealing "in reality."

He doesn't want to speculate, yet previously on his blog he has had no problem IIRC speculating Dorrell is not in any big trouble, dismissing pressure stories on Dorrell as things you hear on the internets.

Oh it gets better. He goes on to throw this hissy fit in the comment section in another post:

I laugh sometimes when it is suggested reporters don't ask tough questions.
Because an answer isn't given to someone elsey 's satisfaction, or because a coach dances around the same question two or three times and doesn't give an answer, it means the tough question isn't asked?
I cannot make a coach say something. Contrary to belief, a coach usually has an agenda, and he rarely sways from it. Heading into today's press conference, Dorrell already knows what he is going to say on a number of topics, and if the same question is asked 10 times, the answers is going to be the same. I don't like it, but it is the way it is.
As far as asking a tough question, unless you have my recorder, how would you hear it? I have access to Dorrell and others on a one-on-one basis, so why would I ask my question in a group setting so every other reporter can use the answer, if they wanted to? Again did you get that people? We can't question Dohn on whether he is not asking tough questions because it is only him who has `access' to Dorrell or others.

Me thinks Dohn is feeling the heat after living in denial all these years about Dorrell. He tried to sticking to the line that Dorrell is not under any pressure. He has argued before that Dorrell should get six years to prove himself at UCLA.

Me thinks he is probably just embarrassed at being proven wrong on pretty much every commentary he has offered on UCLA football.

Just like Dorrell and his coaches, Dohn is now living in a world of denial. And he is just angry that he is getting exposed so publicly.

May be he should go back to Northeast, and start covering baseball or something. Because it is clear to me the guy knows nothing about college football.

He is at worst just another shill for Dorrell and his stupid coaches, at worst a bad sports reporter/blogger living in a world of denial.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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