Who Said Karl Dorrell Remembers Birthdays?

Bumped from the diaries. The point about Davis yelling at KD is very interesting given all the speculation of Dorrell "losing" his players following the game. -N GO BRUINS.

Because he absolutely forgot mine.  Saturday was probably the most frustrating birthday in my short life.  I woke up Sunday morning sick to my stomach  (Yes I admit part hangover)  But, it was more a feeling of "How in the hell did we lose this game?"

Being a Sophomore, I have only seen a few losses in person. ('06 WSU, '06 Men's volleyball against $UC, @Utah, ND)  They all hurt.  However, with football I feel like its a disgrace.  After traveling to Utah, and watching us not show up, I felt cheated out of my money.  It was unbearable walking out of the stadium in Den shirts while the Utah fans would joke, "Champions Made Here. Ya right.  Champions made on the field in Utah."  I had no energy to argue with them.  But the fact is we have 100 championships and football is still a joke.  Its also hard to argue walking out of the stadium after losing to an 0-5 team.  That is not the way I wanted to spend my birthday.  

In Utah, we sat next to a player's parents.  I felt terrible for them as we watched the game, knowing that their son was wasting his talent playing for a joke of a coach.  Working with the basketball program over the summer, I realized that the players have a genuine respect for Howland and the rest of the coaching staff.  

I love Bruce Davis.  Yes he may run his mouth too much at times (or all the time), but I feel terrible for him.  Their was a point on Saturday where he was yelling at KD.  I'm not sure what about but I think we can all get an idea. I feel terrible for our defense.  Yes they have given up lots of yards this season to crappy teams.  It also doesn't help that they are on the field pretty much the whole game because our offense is crap.  They do talk a lot which at times I think is stupid.  I do, however, like their fire.  To see Davis walking the sidelines yelling at the defense, trying to get them fired up, is what I like in a player.  No one on the offense seems to want to step up.  

You can't blame BT for this game.  He is in way over his head.  But as a coach there are ways to instill confidence into your players.  KD did not let him throw a pass in the Washington game.  He even let his HB throw a pass.  What does that say to BT?  "I trust my non-QB's arm more than yours sorry"  Why not bring in BT at the end of the Utah game and let him throw?

As for the rest of the season:  I will still attend games.  I will still support this team.  However, they all need to keep their mouth shut.  Let your play on the field do the talking.  We had a basketball player in my high school team that liked to run his mouth.  The point is we sucked.  Let your play do the talking and the rest with follow.  

Thank you KD.  I will never forget my 19th birthday.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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