New Bush Gate Story: Reggie To Fight On!

I am surprised none of you guys have picked up on this.

This time the LA Times actually has an interesting story on Bush gate. Apparently Reggie split from his former agent recently. And that just may explain why the Bush camp hasn't settled with Lloyd Lake.

It sounds like Reggie's attorney, David Cornwall is more interested in getting his client out of potential legal trouble than worrying about Southern Cal and NCAA investigations.

The key lead grafs in the story (emphasis mine throughout):

The split suggests something more than a business difference, with numerous sources pointing to a disagreement among Bush's advisors over how to handle allegations that he and his family took cash and gifts while he was still playing at USC.

The principles are not doing much talking but, based on interviews and information gathered over several months, it seems clear that Bush's advisors were split over whether to settle out of court with two would-be San Diego sports marketers who made the allegations.

From the beginning, Bush has denied that he and his family did anything wrong. His tough-talking attorney, David Cornwell, has shown little concern over an NCAA investigation into the matter, focusing instead on a lawsuit that recently arose from the claims. And here are the implications: As for Ornstein, he recently limited his comments about the split with Bush, insisting their relationship remains close.

"I have a certain style about me and it's just not the way he wanted to go," he said. "Yeah, I'm disappointed. You're always disappointed. But I love Reggie Bush."

And Bush recommended Ornstein to former USC teammate Matt Leinart, who signed with the marketing agent last Thursday.

Whatever happened among Bush, his marketing agent and attorney, it appears that Cornwell's line of reasoning prevailed. And the real winner could be the NCAA.

With no sign of a settlement on the horizon, Lake not only filed suit claiming he was owed more than $291,600 but also met with NCAA investigators who had struggled to gather information.

So far, no one has claimed USC knew of alleged improper benefits. Watkins said only that Lake would provide documents and other evidence implicating Bush and his family.

Cornwell could be banking on an assertion that Lake violated state law by acting improperly as an agent. That might affect the lawsuit, but not the NCAA investigation. As the Big Red said on a different topic, this is "fun, fun, fun"

I am going to enjoy this.


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