Karl's Thanksgiving Wishes

I was talking to a friend who works at the Morgan Center the other day, and he had something that I just had to share.  Apparently, his assistant Dorene, and her pals at work, Beatrice and Margaret, are big fans of KD.  He got them all cupcakes from Sprinkles for B's birthday -- and that was a big hit.

Anyway, apparently, Margaret was helping KD with his Thanksgiving cards this year, and KD gave her the following Thanksgiving card list.  I'd show you the handwritten version, but my scanner is on the blink.  But, here is what it says:

Karl's Thankful for:

1.  Card to: Chancellor Carnesale
    Note:  Thanks Carny for this great gig!  Happy Thanksgiving!

2.  Card to:  Head Booster Norm [redacted]
    Note:  Thanks for sticking with me Normy.  Not everyone appreciates a 6 win season like you do.

3.  Card to:  Brian Dohn
    Note:  Briano- Thanks for the help.  I'll be sure to keep feeding those quotes and interviews.  Gooble gobble :)

4.  Card to:  Charlene [redacted]
    Note:  To the best typist in the whole pool!  

5.  Card to:  Kurt Streeter
    Note:  Great article K.  Sorry to have to throw you under the bus, but Papa needs a new pair of shoes.

6.  Card to:  Dennis Dixon
    Note:  It's a shame to hear about the injury.  Sort of.

7.  Card to:  Terry Donahue
    Note:  Thanks for being such a great friend.  And for being so mediocre in the 90's.

8.  Card to:  Chris Foster
    Note:  Great work this year Chris.  I'll make sure that latest injury report gets to you pronto.  Happy Turkey Day!

9.  Card to:  Elliot Blindo
    Note:  Thanks for those supportive blog posts.  Please, though, stop looking through my bedroom window at night.  It's starting to scare the kids.

10.  Text to:  Jim Slovoda
    Note:  Thanks for taking one for the team.  You know, my team.  cya lol.

11.  Card to:  Bob Connely and Jay Norvell
    Note:  Good job fellas.  And sorry about having to "Dorrell" you guys in a couple weeks.  I wouldn't scapegoat if I didn't love.  KIT!

12.  Card to:  T.J. Simers
    Note:  To my biggest fan.  I know you can't really mean it, but I appreciate it anyway.  Best, Karl.

13.  Card to:  Ben Howland
    Note:  Happy Thanksgiving Ben.

14.  Card to:  Bruins Nation
    Note:  Thanks fellas.  I could use more time to think and sleep, and I'm really going to enjoy the golf time.  And $2.05MM equals a lot of greens fees!

Happy Thanksgiving.  


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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