What Dorrell can do to earn our forgiveness

Bumped from the diaries. GO BRUINS. -N

I hate what you've done to this football program, Karl Dorrell. But there's one thing you can do. One thing, and we may forgive you.

End this misery now, Karl. Make an announcement. Do it before the Southern Cal game. Make the announcement that you will resign after the Southern Cal game. Win or lose, you will resign. Spare us any uncertainty that, win or lose, you will be gone come next Monday. It's clear Guerrero won't fire you until after the Southern Cal game. Let all of us root for the Bruins without the fear that victory may mean you will be back.

Five years ago, UCLA gave you the opportunity of a lifetime. Now it's time to give back. Tell everyone that you were "thankful for the opportunity" (don't get me started about that one), but in the best interest of the program, you will coach your last game next Saturday and then tender your resignation. Tell us you tried your best, but you just weren't up to it. Go out with dignity, Karl. Put your alma mater before yourself. Do it for players. Do it for the fans. It would be an honorable thing to do.

You've ripped us apart, Karl. We are tormented. We are apathetic. We bicker amongst ourselves. Our hatred for our cross-town rivals now equals (or maybe has even been surpassed by) the hatred for what you've done to our program. Some of us even hate you, Karl. One of the best rivalries in all of sports is happening next Saturday, and many die-hard Bruin fans can hardly care less of the outcome. Many of us care more about the following Monday and who will be your successor. This is what you've done to us.

Of course, we've given it right back to you: Duhrell. Dullard. Doofus. The Thinker. The Sleeper. Dorvell. Dorrellian. Lavinesque. CTS. Toast. All these names are well known and widely spoken by us, Karl. You may not even know what some of them mean, but ask any one of us, and we'll tell you. They are borne from the angst and frustration of the last 5 years. Fellow Bruins calling each other names. This is what you've done to us.

Did you know there's a countdown to "End of KD Hell" Karl? It's set to go off Monday, December 3rd. That's when we expect, EXPECT, not necessarily PREDICT (that's a whole other story about you Karl, I won't get into that) that Mr. Guerrero fires you. If he doesn't, then there's another fellow Bruin who will get our wrath. But you can wrest that decision from him Karl, spare him our wrath, and do what's right for the program.

And hey, beat Southern Cal, go out with pride, there may be another coaching gig waiting for you. Somewhere, but not here.

You've thrown players and assistant coaches under the bus. You and Mr. Streeter then threw UCLA under the bus. You've given us 5 years of clichés, here's one for you: it's time to right the ship. It's not about winning or losing anymore. It's about saving our football program. It's time to give back, Karl. The time is now.

Make the announcement that you will resign after the Southern Cal game. Tell your players to play their hearts out; that what you've done is in their best interest, what's best for the program. Tell Bruin Nation that UCLA means more to you than your livlihood. The entire Bruin Nation can then unite, and root harder for you this Saturday than they ever have. And maybe some of us..after everything you've done to us..just maybe... we can forgive you.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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