Start Osaar Rasshan this Saturday...

That's right, START OSAAR RASSHAN at QB this Saturday...!

Already, Dorrell is proving our point, that he simply is not a good coach and that he should be gone come Monday, 3 December.

He's about to play Ben Olson or Pat Cowan... two hobbled players at the moment if there ever were any. Ben isn't mobile because his knee is tender. He's supposed to stand in the pocket and deliver against a heavy $C pass rush how? By throwing to our healthy receiving corps ???(oh, that's right, they're also hurt... and/or underperforming) He didn't fare too well against `mighty' Notre Dame, arguably one of the worst teams in the COUNTRY and he's supposed to give us a better chance to win against one of the better (or hottest at the moment) defenses in the country on THEIR home turf? Again, HOW is this supposed to happen??

Don't get me wrong, I like Ben (SPJ), but he's clearly not healthy and Dorrell is risking his long-term health by possibly throwing him out there against a hungry SC defense at home. Sure, Ben did `ok' against Oregon at the Rose Bowl Saturday - against a demoralized Oregon D no less - his ability to generate something was clear, but even that was limited.

But completing 40% of your passes, for a mere 60 yards in one HALF with no TDs and one pick isn't gonna cut it against $Cum... Yes, kudos to Ben for showing up, for being ready to take the reins, but in reality, let's not kid ourselves, he probably shouldn't have played and definitely shouldn't this Saturday.

Next? Pat Cowan!  Nope. We can't let him play. Yes, he's one of the few catalysts we have, for that alone he should be allowed to play, but in reality SHOULD he play? No. He's also NOT HEALTHY. This kid has heart, he's beaten SC already, somehow he manages to bring life to this vaunted `West Coast' offense (utter the phrase `west coast offense' with as much seriousness as you can muster), but is it likely he'll be able to do so against the Spoiled Children Trojans? No. He's had not one, not two, but THREE injuries this season. All serious for a QB who is as mobile as he is. Cowan's first two injuries were serious, but he was able to come back because he was needed. He wasn't healthy either time he returned, but he did. His third injury? A collapsed lung.  This isn't a strained calf or tight back, this affects his breathing. This kid was in the ER three weeks ago! And Dorrell is considering throwing him in there against SC's defense?  Is he nuts? That alone should be grounds for firing KD.

Cowan, God bless him, is one hit away from being back in the ER. One vicious hit, a blindsided hit by an $C LB and he's done. Why jeopardize him for next year or even his own health?  Don't get me wrong, if Cowan is cleared by UCLA doctors, then I guess it's reasonable... but this kid doesn't deserve the beating he COULD get if he plays. For what? To save Dorrell's season?

My point? Yes, play Rasshan!

I've read a couple accounts already that Rasshan was held back on Saturday against the Ducks. Sure, he was 0 for seven with one pick. He was allowed to run once, I believe, gaining one of the two first downs the Bruins got in the first half... Why did KD and that 'lethal' Off. Coordinator of his unleash this kid and let him run?  He's a weapon now, primarily because he's a virtual unknown. Look at what he almost did against AZ? Look at what he did against ASU? Those were the first two games he's ever PLAYED at this level... he had never touched the ball prior to Nov. 2007 in two years in the program! Now he's being hung out to dry because he didn't complete a pass in one half on Saturday?  Not because he couldn't but because they likely didn't design plays for him... The kid is talented on SOME level AND, he's HEALTHY.  He's also a mystery to the opponent, SC in this case.

At this point, we don't have healthy or stellar receivers ready to catch passes anywhere and everywhere on the field.  Our two starters are hurt and IMMOBILE.  Our defense is a good one, but we can't count on them to shut down SC for a second year in a row, not the way this D has played (inconsistently) all year. They may show up, they may not. Or, they may simply be unmanned or outplayed. We have to come up with some type of `weapon' some type of `look' on offense. Our running game (also hobbled, surprise surprise) can probably hold its own for a bit, but it won't be able to dominate the game in any way.  The leadership, the victory can only come from the QB position, and the only ONE who MIGHT be able to do something is Osaar Rasshan.  Think a young Donovan McNabb, Kordell Stewart in his prime, or even a seasoned Dennis Dixon up at Oregon. Rasshan hasn't been given the real opportunity to let it fly... why not give it to him now? Who in their right mind thinks SPJ can deliver a win this Saturday? Not me. Cowan? Maybe, but why risk his health?

A couple years ago (2003), I remember seeing not Ben, but DREW Olson play against SC... he was getting CREAMED on every play, and he was about as mobile (even when healthy) as that Tommy Trojan statue on the SUC campus. It was sad to watch. Go on U-tube and re-live that horrible 2003 loss at the Coliseum, where the score was 40-2 by the third quarter, when young Drew couldn't get a damn thing done against a defense having fun with him, literally toying with him. That will be the current Ben Olson this Saturday.  Pat Cowan will be able to limp his way out of the pocket, but what happens when he gets drilled? Or can't go downfield because the coverage is tight?

Play Osaar this Saturday. We may be in for some type of surprise... if anything platoon him and bring him in for lots of gimmick plays just to keep Petey and his thugs somewhat confused.

At this point, KD has nothing to lose, he may as well let his most healthy but unproven (meaning there's LOTS to still prove) QB play. If he sucks that badly, yank him after the half and try something else. To NOT play OR just because Olson and Cowan are barely `healthy' is simply wrong... no, it's dumb and it's selfish of a coach, who is arguably on his way out to do so.

BEAT $C!!! Go Bruins!.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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