Doofus: The Foundation Will Be In Place Next Year!

The Doofus sat down with the Daily Bruin for an interview. I don't think we need to break down the piece, because the clown has been so thoroughly discredited at this point that no one except for his immediate family members, Donahue, Trojans, and few dumb asses around Morgan Center are taking him seriously.

But still Karl is shameless. He is saying next year will be the year when the foundation will be in place:

DB: When do you think you'll get to the point where the foundation will be completely set?

KD: Next year. We had a small recruiting class this year, and some of our best players redshirted. Our best linebacker in the class redshirted; our best tight end redshirted. I'm talking about what we're playing with and what we currently have in the program. We have a lot of talent that redshirted this year. And we were allowed to do that because we have a senior-laden team with enough experience, and we didn't need those guys. And we've got a highly ranked recruiting class coming in for next year, so all those players will give us a pretty big boost. ...

And then he takes a swipe at all of us - alums - and the previous coach at the end of the interview: DB: What do you think of the alumni taking out an ad in the student newspaper calling for you to be fired?

KD: I'm disappointed because, as a UCLA alum, I would never act that way. I'm so proud of this school. It taught me so much about life and how to deal with difficult circumstances and how to achieve - of all these things because of its diversity. And I was disappointed that an alumnus would do this. But I know they care about winning, too.

When you graduate, it's funny how quickly you forget the competitive environment on this campus. You can forget how special this place is, and how there are certain standards for athletes here that don't exist at most places.

And I understand why people have been critical of me. Everyone has an opinion. But I'm convinced in building this program the right way, and I see that it is working.

Now, this year I know we all had the expectations of really having a special team and for one reason or another it didn't work out that way. But I'm not a complainer. And that's because I don't want any of my players to use that as an excuse. I don't want them to think that coach is making excuses and a guy who doesn't take responsibility. And they'll never say that about me.

And that's what I had to overcome when I came back here because there was a coach who took all the glory but placed all the blame on others. And I had to be the burden of all that. And I had to, just so my players would know that I'm going to take all the responsibility. And that's why I'm able to get them to play hard: because I think they know who I am.

Karl criticizing another coach for throwing players under the bus?

How do do you respond to that?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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