Who says 5 years isn't enough for a Head Football Coach???

Apparently, TJ Simers does.

He should get the chance to finish what others started -- when they put him in this position of learning on the job -- and return next season. Let's see what he does when given a fair and healthy chance to succeed. Or fail.

Sorry to possibly boost Simers' net traffic, but that was one of the parts that bothered me the most in his latest opus.

As discussed in the comments to rye's latest must-read post I think the Cal situation is a very appopriate source of comparison for us when considering whether 5 years really is enough to turn a program around, or whether CTS should really have more time to 'finish what he started.'

As many of you will recall, Tedford (CJT) took over after Cal's disastrous 1-10 season.  We're talking rock-freaking-bottom.  

By contrast, CTS took over after Toledo's 8-5 season.   Nevertheless, given that both schools (a) replaced coaches just a year apart from each other; (b) have similar basic academic requirements (exceptions from the respective AD's offices notwithstanding), and (c) are in the same freaking conference; I think Cal is still the best available case study for us.

Has Cal been rampaging across the Div. I landscape these past 5-6 years under Tedford?  Heck no... BUT,  it should be clear that CJT did a better job in his 1st 5 years than CTS has done so far in his.

Year 1:
UCLA -- 6-7, tied 5th in Pac-10, Silicon Valley Bowl LOSS.
Cal -- 7-5, tied 3rd in Pac-10.

Year 2:
UCLA -- 6-6, tied 5th in Pac-10, Las Vegas Bowl LOSS.
Cal -- 8-6, tied 3rd in Pac-10, Insight Bowl WIN.

Year 3:
UCLA -- 10-2, 3rd in Pac-10, Sun Bowl WIN.
Cal -- 10-2, 2nd in Pac-10, Holiday Bowl LOSS.

Year 4:
UCLA -- 7-6, 4th in Pac-10, Emerald Bowl LOSS.
Cal -- 8-4, tied 4th in Pac-10, Las Vegas Bowl WIN.

Year 5:
UCLA (in progress) -- 5-4, not yet Bowl eligible.
Cal -- 10-3, tied 1st in Pac-10, Holiday Bowl WIN.

Sure, there are some Cal fans who are bemoaning CJT's coaching this year, but I certainly think he's earned enough goodwill to keep his job next year.  Even though CJT is hitting some rough patches in this, his 6th year at the helm, his program is STILL in better overall shape than CTS'.

As for CTS?  Well, yes, Mr. Simers, a Div. I HC job is VERY hard.  

Again, however, when CTS came on, we came off an 8-5 season.  We have only gotten BACK to that level ONCE in CTS' 4 full years on the job, and it's going to be VERY tough to get there THIS year.

Most of what we want are the basics of any good coach -- sound game planning, improvement of players, good recruiting, smart decision-making, and confident leadership.  

Despite its faults and deficiencies, Cal's team has shown a lot more of that in the last 5 years than we have.

We CAN get all those things...



<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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