Chow Would Be Great!

[I originally posted this as a comment, but it's so long I made it a diary, if that's OK.]


The guy is obviously  a brilliant offensive genius. He has coached at wonderful, successful places, BYU, SC and the Tennessee Titans.  He has groomed many of the finest QBs in college football history and has done fabulous with Vince Young who now is an awesome professional passer.

He has been a coach in football for over 30 years, but he's never been a HC so he's not good enough for UCLA because KD was not a HC?  WTF kind of non-sequitur is that?  KD could not carry Norm Chow's jock strap in terms of football coaching.  Jeez.

With Chow, BYU was fabulous with countless great QBs's in a second tier conference.  At SC he made Carson Palmer bloom from mediocrity.  And what about a guy named Matt Leinart who is a pale image of himself in college without Chow?  Are you guys nuts.  CHOW IS WHY SC WON ALL THOSE FRICKING GAMES WITH CARROL!  GIVE ME A BREAK!


Now why is he supposed to be so "bad."

   1.  He's been passed over by other schools, like Stanford when some AD genius thought Walt Harris of Pitt was a better pick for Stanford.  So because others are stupid somehow Chow isn't qualified?

   2.  There must be something wrong with him b/c he's never been picked as a HC before, a corollary of the first dumb argument.  Without getting too personal, I'm 58.  I've worked my job almost 30 years and for some dumb-ass reason no one has annointed me to be a top level supervisor in my office.  Does that mean I'm no good, or could it be SHIT HAPPENS, that all too often stupid politics or personality issues [wasn't a kiss ass, wasn't a "great" player, is Asian, who knows, who cares?] outweigh promoting the right people?

   3.  Chow has a bad personality, can't get along with others.  Yeah, like fricking Pete Carroll!  WTF, I thought KD was bashed for years b/c he was good with birthday cards and got along with everyone but he was incompetent, while Howland has been praised because he's great even though he might be just a little rude to other people.  DUH!

Who the F... does the HC have to kiss the ass of anyway?

4.  Chow can't recruit!  I love this BS.  Every top QB prospect in the nation will be begging to come to UCLA if Chow is the HC.  This is the most important recruiting factor for any team.  How many teams sucked this year after their first string QB went down for a half, let alone a game?
Ben Olson is the only high profile QB prospect we have had in years and of course KD destroyed him with his horrible version of the WCO.  With Chow we'll recruit 2-3 Ben Olsons or better every year!  For the rest, I think most will be attracted when we keep getting the best QBs.  A half-way decent recruiting coordinator can handle the rest.

   5.  Chow is too old.  Right.  Maybe Joe Pa and Papa Bowden are now, but at a healthy 62 Chow should have a good ten years in him if he wants.  I'd be thrilled with 5 from anybody after what we've been through.  But he is too old to go after an NFL job after UCLA, so maybe we'll just get the best the guy has to offer til the end of his great career?  I bet he'd give his left you know what to beat little Petey 5 years in a row and show that he was the man behind SUC's success and not smiley boy.

   6.  Chow will be the shill for a future Walker hire.  I doubt that after 30 plus years as an assistant coach that Chow as HC is going to put up with any assistant's BS.  Plus, assuming the rumors that DW is going to be the heir apparent,  he would have to be a mad man to do anything to upset his relationship with Chow by undermining him b/c Chow could fire him at any time for such BS.  The reality is IF CHOW IS NOT SUCCESSFUL, DW WILL NOT BE HIS SUCCESSOR.  HE WOULD BE PART OF THE FAILED REGIME AGAIN.  And if DW's defense doesn't measure up CHOW WILL FIRE HIM TO GET SOMEONE WHO CAN long before then.

I am sick of these paranoid arguments that are nothing more than mindless mental masturbation that hides the obvious.  

OUR MAIN PROBLEM IS A TERRIBLE OFFENSE AND CHOW IS AN OFFENSIVE GENIUS.  If he wants to keep DW, that's fine with me. Any reasonable person would have to agree the Bruin defense improved markedly under DW in just a year!  And if Chow wants to dump him, that's fine with me.  IT'S UP TO CHOW, THE HC.

DG, may of course, pick someone else because he thinks they are better, but if he picks NORM CHOW, genius assistant coach for 30+ years, I WILL BE THRILLED!  

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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