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Yet another Ben Ball story on feeding the post. Pucin has a write up in which she attempts to chart all the plays in which Love was involved down under:

All together in the game, by one unofficial count, Love had the ball in his hands on 20 UCLA possessions and UCLA scored on 15 of them.

"I felt like we played a great game," Love said afterward. "Our field-goal percentage was very high. Darren and Russell found me inside a bunch of times. Luc was looking for me as well."

Love did say Howland may have a point about his fitness.

"I'd say he's pretty accurate," Love said. "I can get leaps and bounds better. Which I am. In the last four weeks I think I've lost nine pounds."

Collison said it's still a learning process for Love and the team.

"I've got to feed him at all different angles," he said. "The defense plays him in so many different ways.

"For example, on the high side I've got to get him with the bounce pass. If they play behind him, I've got to throw it in right away. You know guys are doubling him so when you give it to him you've got to cut, get ready to get the ball back, get ready to shoot." At this point, I think this storyline is getting a little too overblown. Yes, I get the fact that our guys in the perimeter need to feed him down low. However, at the same time this has to be a two way street. I also think it is up to Love to fight as hard as he can to get in position, making it easier for his team-mates to feed him the ball. In the game against Idaho State, I saw couple instances in which Roll was trying to get him the ball, and yet couldn't find the right angle because Love was not in position. And lot of this goes back to the conditioning Howland was referring to earlier in the week wrt to Love, who is getting to use the intense energy it takes to be involved on both sides of the court (compared to the one I am sure he was used to in Lake Oswego). Again I am not really worried about this and as the team goes through the season, the guys will only get better at it.

In other note, interestingly Arizona has already decided to name Kevin O'Neill as the successor of Lute Olson, when his retirement becomes permanent. Good luck to the Cats. They will need a lot of that to fight for second place in the Pac-10.


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