A Proper Search Procedure? Maybe.

This Looks Like a Search Conducted By a Recruiting Firm--
and that may not be bad.

Eureka! I think  I've got it figured out.

I could not understand the "Golden thing" -- until it came to me.

Golden only makes sense if you look at the process we've been going through rather than the individual names in play. Put in context, there is a pattern.

This search bears the signature of one coordinated and conducted by a "search firm" following a mandate to give us a list of:

  1. The best experienced HC's available -- we get Leach, Mendenhall, Petersen, Jones and Kragthorpe.
  2. The Insider -- Walker.
  3. The Pro's -- Mariucci and Chow.
  4. The Alum -- Neuheisel
  5. The Up and Comer -- Golden
The array seems like one assembled on different criteria -- the kind of thing you'd get if you told a search firm to bring back at least one candidate in each category.

If that was the mandate, they've done their job.

And, once he started down the "search firm" path, I think it incumbent upon DG to interview the candidates on the list -- at least once.

Now, it is up to DG to impose a set of priorities and pick the best candidate for UCLA.

The fact that Golden was interviewed does not trouble me; I'll be more troubled if he is hired. But, for someone looking to hit a home run, willing to take a risk, I can see Golden as a potential choice. Maybe that's where Harbaugh fit in, too. For someone saying "Bring me he next Schiano, or the next superstar -- someone unknown or undervalued" Golden may well be the choice.

However, most of us do not want to take the risk. We've been taking risks with this program for too long -- risks that have not paid off.

And, if we can get one of the "best experienced" coaches -- we feel we should.

Finally, I still see no reason to panic.

DG has just issued another generic press release in which he says we are doing what we are doing. (At least he isn't saying we are turning the corner.)

I will not get worked into a frenzy fueled by rumor mongers with hidden agendas who call themselves reporters. They have been shamelessly inaccurate.

I've tried to trace some of the national stories to "sources" only to find that they are quoting "media" sources -- to me that's people like Dohn.

So, we are in for a bit of the unknown. I still see this as good. The longer we go without a choice the more hope I have that we will ultimately land Leach, Mendenhall or Jones -- guys who should not be disturbed until their bowl games are over.

Have faith, brothers and sisters.


Or, maybe I'm FOS -- if so, it's the Mad Cows ...

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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