DG going for the big name. Big deal.

Bumped. I agree that DG deserves credit showing that he is going after a big fish like Bellotti (and the fact that this didn't get out until after they met is impressive), however that said I agree with this post that DG still has to close the deal on a named coach with credible head coaching experience, who will get us excited about UCLA Football. GO BRUINS. -N

So you're praising Guerrero for simply having the guts to publicly pursue Mike Bellotti?

How far have we fallen?

So Guerrero goes out and makes a run at Mike Bellotti, a proven, experienced, successful head coach that, unlike other candidates he has reportedly interviewed, would actually meet the standards that he himself more or less laid out as a prerequisite for the job after firing Dorrell.

And Bellotti, rather smugly, said "No thanks"

And now many of us are praising Guerrero simply for making the effort. For not being afraid of rejection, not being afraid of failure. Never mind the fact that Guerrero wasn't persuasive enough to lure a coach from Eugene, Oregon to Westwood.

How far have we fallen?

I've got news for you guys: UCLA is a big time program, playing in a big time stadium, which sits in a big time city. Going after a big name coach shouldn't be applauded, it should be EXPECTED.

I am happy we went after Bellotti. I am disappointed Bellotti turned us down. Maybe he likes the cold, dreary, wet weather up there. Maybe he actually digs those butt-ugly uniforms. Maybe he doesn't really have the stomach of going toe to toe with PC in his own backyard. Maybe he hates the limelight. Whatever the reason, he basically told us to "Duck Off". Whatever. Let's move on.

We shouldn't be praising Guerrero for having the guts for going after someone like Bellotti. Going after a guy like Bellotti should be a given at UCLA. At this point, we should be asking about other big names, and we should expect Guerrero to make an honest run for them.

If Bellotti is the one and only "big name" that Guerrero has truly made a run at, and we end up with Neuheisel, I would say this search process was a joke.

If Neuheisel was our man, Guerrero should have hired him 2 weeks ago. If he isn't, then this process should be just getting started. I won't accept the fact that Neuheisel is hired over a willing pool that includes Walker, Chow, Harbaugh and Golden. That would be a joke.

If Neuheisel is a second-tier candidate, there should be other Bellotti-caliber names coming into the mix in the near future. Maybe more rejections, so be it.

But I will withhold my praise for Guerrero if and when he hires that big name. When and if he hires that experienced, successful, proven head coach that a big time program like UCLA deserves.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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