The "Interim" coach ...

Same as the original coach. It's like nothing ever changed.

What a fitting end to a miserable football season accentuating why we need a clean break from the nightmare of last five years:

Photo Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

Bruins lose an ugly, boring, unwatchable (Dorrellian) football game full of mistakes and undisciplined play on both sides of the field. It was obvious BYU came in thinking they had the game won despite taking on a UCLA team with lot more talent.

As cojulun said in the thread:

Walker fails SMARTS test. Norvell flunked

End of the 1st half, score a touchdown.  Great - down by 5 and down by 4 with the PAT.  You still need a touchdown to take the lead.

A SMART coach would go for two in that situation, because if you make it, you are within a field goal to tie.  If you miss it, you are down by 5, and STILL need a touchdown to take the lead.

I am willing to be that Rick N. would have gone for two.  Walker is not ready to be a head coach, and Norvell needs to be updating his resume, and looking for work elsewhere.

But the truth is that wasn't the only mistake. There are just so many other points wrt clock managements, poor use of timeouts (even recognized by bunch of announcers who sounded punch drunk during the broadcast) we can pick apart from tonight's game. The offense despite the DyNaMite led 'preparation' looked inept and unprepared until the desperate moments towards the end of the game.

He is what he is. And this one game should not serve as the ultimate evidence on whether or not Walker should be the HDC. Howeer, if this game were to be considered as an "audition," all DeWayne showed he needs few more years at DC. He is not close to being ready for a head coach.

Then again we are UCLA after all. We are the school that has fans who celebrate 'true' moral victory. And I am sure there will be shills out there in full force talking about what a gutty little performance we put up in yet another great effort! If the Morgan Center losers and Dohns of the world have their way, based on tonight's hard fought moral victory Walker would be named HC tomorrow!

Hey don't look no the Real Deal is about to get his second interview w the Chancellor tomorrow! Yeap, second interview for a man who just pulled out 1 point loss against a team we had beaten by 10 points under one of the worst head coaches ever to lead a UCLA football team.

Yeah, give the man the job because I am sure there are thousands of Bruin alums and students out there who are looking forward to relive the same nightmare all over again!!!

Thread it up in our last 2007 football post game thread.


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