Shameless And Reckless: Oberjeurge Writes Full Page Ad For DeWayne Walker

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Editors Note: We wrote this piece thinking it was written by Brian Doh!n since he linked to it from his blog. It was not .. it was written by his colleague Paul Oberjuerge.  We have corrected the post. 

If you were on the fence about whether the Daily News is a biased paper, Paul Oberjeurge's article in today's Daily News should remove all doubt.  We cannot print it all here, but here is a taste:

Time to defy the court of public opinion. To ignore conventional wisdom, not to mention meddling alumni who worship at the altar of notoriety. It's time to hire DeWayne Walker as UCLA football coach. It's time for the UCLA administrators to be bold. 

It is, however, a decision that will require moxie on the part of UCLA chancellor Gene Block and athletic director Dan Guerrero. Because Walker isn't a splashy hire. He isn't a sexy hire. He isn't Mike Bellotti, Steve Mariucci, Norm Chow or Chris Petersen, all of whom spurned the Bruins' overtures. He isn't Rick Neuheisel, former Washington and Colorado coach and the apparent darling of some UCLA alums. But that doesn't keep Walker from being the right choice. The obvious choice.

Oberjuerge is a making mockery of his profession.  This is repulsive.  Dorrellistas and Walkeristas cling to DN reports on UCLA football as if they were bible.  If someone other than Walker is chosen, the DN has already poisoned the environment for him to succeed.  The DN minions are already convinced that anyone but Walker would be a travesty of justice and therefore wrong. Now they have their proof in Oberjeurge's article.  We are just a blog, but he represents an important pillar of our democracy ... a free and fair press.  A pillar that keeps the Truth straight and balanced so that our society doesn't fall under the enormous weight of competing private interests. The Daily News and Oberjeurge have shown contempt or at the very least disdain for their responsibilities in this regard. 

Oberjuerge and the Daily News wrote a full-page ad for just one constituent in the community they cover ... without putting a disclaimer on the ad, without taking so much as a penny (for all we know) for the placement of it.   Oberjuerge has not only overstepped his vows as a journalist, he has become reckless with OUR football program, something he has NO RIGHT doing.   He has now meddled too far with the choice our administration is making for the future of UCLA football, at a critical stage. 

Paul Oberjeurge should be ashamed. But we think he is not ... the DN has been leading the Hire Walker campaign since their Save Dorrell campaign failed.  The DN, including Brian Doh!n, obviously breaks actual news with regard to our football program as any good reporters should.  They gets no praise here for doing their job.  Now, however, they have damaged our program for their own aims. We don't know why Oberjeurge would go this far, but he HAS GONE TOO FAR.  He should be taken off the UCLA beat.  Everyone should write letters to Dan Guerrero to let him know that Paul Oberjuerge's shameless and reckless meddling has damaged his authority to do what's right for UCLA football and UCLA athletics.  Dan Guerrero should make a formal request to the Daily News to take Oberjeurge off the UCLA beat!!!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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