Next OC and DC

With our coaching search over now, we have other matters to attend to. Which recruits will remain committed? What type of offense will we run? But perhaps most importantly, who will be named offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator? A few days ago, I posted my thoughts regarding that question. After reading this however, suddenly my idea doesn't seem as far fetched.

"Neuheisel called Bruins defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker, another finalist for the job, Saturday night to ask him to remain at UCLA. Neuheisel said he would also contact Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow to gauge his interest in coming west again."
Will Chow come and will Walker stay? No one can say for sure. However, considering that DW has a kid incoming with a scholarship, I find it hard to believe that DW would leave. Not to mention that UCLA is on the verge of bulding something very special with an incoming top 7 recruiting class and the hiring of Neuheisel. It just doesn't make sense for DW to bolt for UW at this moment, regardless of what kind of contract they're offering him. It's said that money talks, but seriously, with Willingham on the hot seat, it just doesn't make sense.

Now as for Chow, he's making $900K a year with Titans. Quite frankly I don't know if we can match that kind of money for an assistant. However, if Rick is indeed serious about pursuing Chow and seeks the funding from boosters, than maybe, just maybe, we will find ourselves with the best OC in college football.

Many of you question why Chow would want to come back to the college ranks as an OC, and serving underneath the guy who beat him out for the job of all things. The truth is that there are a number of possible explanations. Let me just say that this is pure speculation on my part.

1. He likes college ball more than the NFL.
2. He is not satisfied with his success in the NFL compared to his success at the collegiate level.
3. At 61, he may want to be closer to home and his family.
4. The thought of sticking it to $uC and Cheaty Petey sounds quite appealing.

If any of these circumstances are true, they might just be enough to lure Chow to Westwood as an OC if the money is there, which according to Rick, is. If this situation ended up playing out, I'd be quite satisfied.

We're all very aware of Chow's ability as an OC so I'll leave that at that. DW on the other hand, I know many of you aren't too fond of him. I'm no kool-aid drinker, but I really think his defense has performed decently overall. All things considered, the defense is one of the reasons that we didn't lose more games this season. There were a couple of key interceptions and fumble recoveries that really put us in positions to win games. The most memorable to me would be ATV's pick against BYU at the beginning of the season and Brian Price's forced fumble against Oregon.

IMO, DW's only flaw is his inability to stop the spread. If you look at our opponents' point totals this year, our blowouts came against spread offenses. But even so, our opponents averaged 22 points per game. That's a pretty low average if you ask me. I don't follow very many other teams, but I don't know how much lower that average can get. In any case, my point is that I wouldn't be disappointed with Walker staying. Him coupled with Neuheisel, and possibly Chow, would make for quite the triple threat. I think there's a good chance of this happening.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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