Goodbye To All That - How Idocies Drove Me To Flee BN

Bruins Nation Blog -

What had the potential to be funny, informative, and spirit-building has become self-serious, narcissistic, and humorless.  You've hit the proverbial 3rd rail in sports-talk and gone political.  What's worse, lots of venom.  The internet has a weird way of lowering inhibitions, and people say things they would not utter in public discourse.  Spoken language has a way of filtering absurdities that print does not.    

I'm a UCLA alum, a former college athlete, a veteran of 10-years, and I enjoy spirited debate as much as the next guy, but Bruins Nation Blog is trafficing in Kos Kidz land now.  Too bad, as I enjoyed the b-ball banter and coverage.

In addition to being a Bruin, I spend my work time helping put young men back together again after combat.  A few of you may have also served.  But my guess is that those who get excitable about who coaches what, where, and how, for a season that hasn't even started yet, have not had the pleasure of a slumber party in an Afghan cave or high-tea in Fallujah.  That's cool if you haven't... macfac to be reluctant warriors... and I'm just encouraging a healthy abundance of perspective, because there's some real silliness being said in these pages.  

In 2003 Ron Rosenbaum wrote a brilliant piece for the NY Observer where he stated, among other insites,

"Goodbye to the brilliant thinkers of the Left who believe it's the very height of wit to make fun of George W. Bush's intelligence--thereby establishing, of course, how very, very smart they are."

Christopher Hitchens, of all people, recently quipped that references to the President's intellect have become a kind of conditioned Pavlovian joke that only stupid people laugh at.  Ready... "Bush's IQ!"... OHHHH, HAHAHAH, HEHEHEE.  The bell has been ringing, and BN has been drooling.      

Comments have been made on these pages that 'Bush is a tool'... yes, yes, I know, he's both an evil genius and a tool, because for all his mental inadequacies, he's also ruining the planet, imposing a theocracy, eating puppies, and I've seen him in my yard at night planting chickweed and crabgrass.  

Topping it off are folks who, in what has to be some altered state of reality, castigate those who don't use 'reason & logic' as persuasive arguments? I missed the post about a 'tool' being defined by the following qualities:  Yale undergrad, Harvard MBA, Jet Pilot, 2 x Governor of 2nd largest state, 2 x POTUS... even more, if you wanna make the argument about intelligence being an endophenotype, his pedigree isn't bad either, as I think pops was DCI, VP, & POTUS?... dunno exactly what that establishes, but am having trouble acknowledging that it establishes 'toolness'.  

Besides... LOL... if you're gonna claim intrepid dedication to logic and reason in this august forum, you could start by offering the following bona fides:  You don't wear t-shirts that people have to read, and you don't have the following displayed anywhere on your car, a) Bush Lied, People Died; b) War is Not the Answer; c) Impeach Bush.    

We've also been treated to hysterical comments about criticism as attempts to suppress dissent and 'the truth.'  Because... riiiight... no one is cognizant of dislike for Dorrell or Bush, and you have to go to secret websites and tv shows to be exposed to it.  My question to those of you who don't like your critques critiqued, "Why is your patriotism (to school or country) off limits?" Oooohhhh... the thought police are trying to squelch dissent... as if.  Pahleez... you sound like the Dixie Chics... there's no prohibition about questioning someone's patriotism... is that really the issue, or are you just trying to silence dissent (this is called projection in Frood Dude parlance).

Also some sort of weird crop-circle paranoia recently:  anyone who disagrees with disparaging Dorrell as the best course of action is an incognito Trojan fan implicitly trying to brainwash BN into fostering the demise of the football program so SC can rule football, destroy the ozone layer, and bring back the Ford Pinto?  "If it doesn't float, it must be a witch?... what else floats?... pebbles, pebbles float... very tiny ones."  

The response to criticism of race-based graduation ceremonies, in a word, laughable... seriously... in the name of diversity let's have a Klan graduation too?!  Seriously, you can't understand how a reasonable person could disagree with such dubious traditions? (and 'no' these are not traditions).  I for one am looking forward to the Mog graduation ceremony (c'mon, half man, half dog for the uninitiated)... maybe a Mensa group and a 'tool' group... Star-bellied Sneetches... they have stars upon thars.

Anyhew... goodbye to all that BN... hopefully this is just a symptom of some summertime nuttiness precipitated by lack of UCLA sports?

Go Bruins, and Semper Paratus

- Doc
Yale University School of Medicine
National Center for PTSD  


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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