The TrOJan Times: All Fair and Balanced, El Lay Style

The Trojan Times is at it again.

Last week while stories were coming out about another TrOJie getting in trouble with the law (another one implicated in rumors about getting in a fight magically evolving from a zero to hero in less than 24 hours), the Trojan Times ran a huge story about a troubled college football player focusing on

A Bruin of course.

Yes, the Trojan Times trudged up the story of Billy Don Jackson for the problems he was involved in 25 years ago. It is great to see Jackson putting his life together. I wasn't following UCLA football back then. If something like that happened involving any of our current players, unlike the douchebags from cross-town, not only I would ask for immediate dismissal of that player, I would also be calling out the coaches, even if it was being led by a good coach not named Karl Dorrell (and would expect the BN moderators to the do the same), and ask for some serious accountability. That goes without saying. But the main point here is the timing of this article that came out on a week Trojan (alleged) thuggery stories were popping up in the internet. It's too bad. Billy Don Jackson got played by the Trojan Times.

And it gets funnier this week. The Trojan Times has another glowing article on Pom Pom's shady program this time focusing on the running backs coach Todd McNair.

The article fails to include one little detail about McNair. Need a reminder what that is. Here is a refresher:

The potential problem for USC goes beyond the trail of money to Bush. The Trojan program could be found by the NCAA to have failed to exert proper institutional control.

Sources told Yahoo! Sports that representatives of New Era were allowed into the USC locker room during the 2005 season. Ornstein and other agents frequented the USC sidelines during several games and numerous practices that season, according to published reports.

Also, McNair knew of Bush's involvement with the New Era venture before last season's national championship game against Texas, according to two sources. And at one point during the 2005 season, sources say Bush thought that Carroll knew about his parents' living arrangement and feared he was going to conduct his own investigation. Bush called Michaels, instructing that if Carroll called regarding the house to "tell him that you're a longtime family friend." Carroll never called Michaels.

So yeah the Trojan Times writes up a puff piece on a Southern Cal football coach about how he is supposedly a great recruiter of running backs, without giving a single hint of there are stories percolating that he may be involved in improprieties concerning the most famous Trojan running back of all time (not the killer).

So to recap:

-    Stories comes out on Trojan football players getting in trouble. The Times writes a story on a troubled UCLA football player's problem from 25 years ago
-    The Times writes a story on Trojan football coach's prowess on recruiting running back, without giving a single hint that he may be involved in what could turn out to be one of the biggest cheating scandals in the history of college football.

May be Randey Harvey, the editor of the Trojan Times is graduate of the same "school of journalism" attended by all the blow hards on Fox News.

Fair and balanced, El Lay style.

Go Bruins!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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