Saturday Roundup

Here is a short and sweet Saturday roundup. If I missed something small post in the comment thread and if I missed something big, of course diary it up and share it with everyone else.

Chris Foster from the LAT has a report on our WRs. From his account it sounds like we have all the talent we need to make a run:

Marcus Everett knows his UCLA football history.

"It's time to go back to the old days of J.J. Stokes and Freddie Mitchell," Everett said.

A lofty ambition for a UCLA wide receiver, especially since no Bruins wideout has made 40 receptions in a season since Craig Bragg had 73 in 2003.

The Bruins have plenty of wide receivers -- eight are trying to scratch out playing time -- but whether quantity translates into quality is to be seen.

"We have some experience and size there," offensive coordinator Jay Norvell said. "It's now about how the combinations fit together. The passing game is about trust between quarterback and receiver."

The Bruins have three who have been trusted before. Everett had 31 receptions and Brandon Breazell 21 last season. Joe Cowan, who sat out last season because of a knee injury, had 35 in 2005.

Trying to join that group are junior Gavin Ketchum and sophomores Terrence Austin, Jamil Turner and Dominique Johnson.

There's also Osaar Rasshan, a converted quarterback who has been impressive the first five days of camp.

"We're deeper there than we have been in a long time," Coach Karl Dorrell said. "In terms of which guys we're going to use, we'll decide that in two or three weeks." Well you better hurry up Karl. Because if you can't settle on a rotation that will optimize the production of your pathetic and joke of a WCO, you will be looking for a new job at the end of the season.

Oh speaking of WRs and coaches, looks like Eric Scott could be reinstated today. From Dohn: Eric Scott, UCLA's receivers coach, remained on paid administrative leave even after emerging from a Friday afternoon meeting with coach Karl Dorrell and an athletic administrator.

Scott learned Thursday he would not be charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney in connection with an alleged burglary in Norwalk last month.

Despite no resolution coming from the meeting, which sources said also included associate athletic director/football Bob Field, sources added Scott is still expected to be re-instated, possibly as early as today. The meeting lasted at least an hour. It's interesting. Seems like Scott will be allowed to come back to Dorrell's program. We are not sure what kind of coach this guy is. All we know is this guy is a decent recruiter. So looks like Dorrell and his program is pushing for the return of a coach with 5 arrests and 3 convictions on his record just so they could reel in few good recruits. That's how low UCLA has fallen under the mediocre and less than average tenure of Karl Dorrell. Thanks a lot Karl.


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