Spending A Precious Scholie On Another Coach's Son

In less than two weeks Dorrell's program handed out a scholie to yet another coach's son. Remember little more than two weeks ago it was Taylor Embree, the son of former WR coach John Embree who received a scholie to play in Dorrell's mediocre program.

Now it was DC DeWayne Walker's son's turn. Apparently Kevin Walker from Arcadia committed to UCLA yesterday. Apparently Kevin had committed to Minnesota (a total Big-10 "powerhouse" I know) before. But there wasn't really a question. If Dorrell was going to offer a scholie he was going to take it.

More from Dohn:

Arcadia receiver Kevin Walker said he knew it was time for him to commit while he was at a bbq hosted by UCLA commit Anthony Dye's father. A bunch of UCLA commits were there, "10 to 12 of them,'' Walker said, and after speaking with E.J. Woods and Dye, Walker said he felt the connection was right and he wanted to be part of that recruiting class.
He said even if his father, DeWayne, wasn't the defensive coordinator, he could see himself going to UCLA.
"I think I would still be there because UCLA is such a great school,'' Walker said. "Maybe if I wasn't in California it would be different, but I am in California and I love it here, and I have a lot of family here.'' Well welcome Kevin. Hope you like it at UCLA.

Of course Dorrell lovers are eating up this commitment as a sign of their savior (who got humiliated by bunch of college teams last season) - DeWayne Walker - sticking around for Westwood a little longer. Who knows really?

If Dorrell manages himself to have a respectable season and jump back to the NFL upon receiving the first opportunity he gets (beggars can't be choosers), lot of the Dorrell cronies will clamor for Walker to get the gig.

We are of course not sure about it. We are exactly not all that sold on the job Walker did last season. I am not going to link back to all the previous posts. But you can look up where we discussed how Walker's periodically got clowned, out-schemed by college coaches running the spread offenses. So if somehow after Dorrell's departure DG and co. take the easy route and settle on someone like Walker, we will give him zero breathing room, and exert the same kind of intense and unrelenting pressure on him, like we have on Karl Dorrell.

As for the merits of offering this scholarship. Here is our commit list. We now have doled out 24 scholies with just 1 more to give. Walker was the 5th WR we took in this class. We still don't have any 4 to 5 star OL in this entire class. I thought a program is built around the big guys in the trenches. The class also doesn't have any superstar DLs. And we just have one scholarship to give out. So you tell me whether Dorrell should have spent the one of the precious few remaining UCLA scholies on a WR (after already taking 4) whose only offer was from some lower tier program from the Big-10?


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