Tuesday News & Notes

The big story from a slow news practice Monday was Cowan tweaking his hamstring. I am not all that alarmed from Dohn’s report which puts his ‘short-term availability’ in question:

Cowan's short-term availability was in question after he appeared to pull his hamstring.

UCLA should know more today about Ben Olson's backup, and whether it will be Cowan or Bethel-Thompson when the Bruins open the season Sept. 1 at Stanford.

"He tweaked his hamstring, but I don't know (how badly) yet," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said after Monday's afternoon practice. "I pulled him out immediately so he didn't do it again. He wanted to go back in. We don't know the extent of it, but (Bethel-Thompson) has to be ready to be the second guy in case it's a prolonged issue."

After the play, Cowan hobbled back to the huddle, then to the sideline. He did a couple of deep knee bends, and grabbed his hamstring afterward.

Bethel-Thompson, a red-shirt freshman from San Francisco's Balboa High, received few reps during the first two weeks of training camp.

That could change today, and he said he was prepared for it.
So stepping up for St. Patrick will be the third string QB whose name sounds like some kind of accounting/law firm: Bethel-Thompson. The kid sounds confident and Dorrell says he needs to be ready to step up:
"I know the offense really well on paper, but it's getting in there and thinking on a split-second decision," said Bethel-Thompson, who completed five of 11 passes for 46 yards in Saturday's scrimmage. "Hopefully, the more reps I get, the more comfortable I will be."

Bethel-Thompson spent part of last season as the backup, after Olson suffered a knee injury. He became the third quarterback this season after Osaar Rasshan moved to wide receiver.

"He's pretty familiar [with the offense], has he had many reps? No," Dorrell said. "That's why we play the game and practice, all those things. Just like at any position, sometimes you're a play away from being a player. . . . He's got to be ready to be the second guy in case it's a prolonged issue."
We hope Pat gets a little rest and heals up. This will only give BT some much needed reps and allow him to familiarize himself with Dorrell’s vaunted WCO. Hey in an ideal WCO even Steve Bono could step in and fill in for number 16 and number 8. If KD is such a guru of WCO, he and his offensive coaching staff should have no problem getting BT up to speed and have him ready to step up when called upon this season.

Speaking of the offensive guru, apparently there was some malfunction of the installation process at the practice field yesterday. Also from Dohn’s report:
Dorrell usually begins his post-practice interviews by stating the positives of practice, but he didn't hide his displeasure after a lackluster morning practice.

"That's not quite what we're expecting for us to do," Dorrell said, "given where we think we are as a program."
Guess no one asked him a follow up question and asked him exactly where ‘we are as a program."

Lastly a little irony courtesy of Dump Dorrell (emphasis mine):
From the Irony Department, WR coach Eric Scott made Ossar Rasshan shed his gloves for missing a wide open TD at the scrimmage Saturday. Eric Scott had this to say: "I have a rule, if you drop passes, you have to take your gloves off for at least the period. Sometimes, I’ll make them go without gloves the rest of the practice.'’ Now that is some funny stuff right there. Hey Eric, the United States has a rule, don’t buy or carry unregistered weapons!!
Eric Scott, rules, ‘gloves’, weapons … like shooting fish in a barrel [insert John Stewart’s befuddled facial expression here].

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