Dorrell Not In Control Of His Program

Tell me what other conclusion I should draw from this story? (emphasis added)

Freshman defensive tackle Brian Price was 30 feet from UCLA's practice Friday, pacing out his disappointment of not participating, and knowing it is an NCAA violation to even watch from Spaulding Field.

So he stood on the adjacent parking deck, steadfastly pledging his allegiance to the Bruins, while his father expressed his frustration with the timing and handling of the matter, and disgusted at what he thought was a breach of trust between his son and the football program.

Price, the prize recruit of UCLA's freshman class, is not practicing because he has not been cleared by NCAA. He remains calm and centered about his situation, and believes the NCAA Clearinghouse will eventually clear him to play.

"Patience is a virtue," Brian Price said. "I want to play against SC. I want to help the team win the Pac-10 championship. I'll stay here. I'm a man of my word and I told (defensive coordinator DeWayne) Walker I'd play for him."

Price could still be a few weeks from learning his fate, and while this process is nearly three weeks old, his father, Frank, is pulling double duty.

Not only is Frank Price working diligently with UCLA, Crenshaw High, the NCAA and a technical school to rectify the situation, he is demanding answers as to why, according to him, a member of the football program leaked sensitive academic information to an Internet fan site, which then published the information.

After the story became public, Brian and Frank Price met with Bruins coach Karl Dorrell.

"I cannot be mad at coach Dorrell. He is a gentleman. He is just a great person," Frank Price said. "I told him to his face, `Coach, if it were anybody else, we wouldn't even be talking to you right now. We'd be getting ready to leave and go to some other school."'

Dorrell declined to comment about the leak, but program insiders said he was incensed a person within the program offered such sensitive and personal material about a student. The personal information is protected by federal privacy laws.

The Daily News, at the Price family's request, previously decided not to report the details of Price's academic situation.

"I told Coach Dorrell that it's not my place to deal with the leak. That's his responsibility," Frank Price said. "I didn't really want to deal with the leak. But I did express my displeasure in the fact that, first of all, you dropped the ball with your No. 1 dude, and then you leak information that's not totally accurate."
The so called detail driven CEO type of head coach once again making a mockery out of the good name of U --- C --- L --- A.

Way to go Karl. Way to make UCLA look so polished in frong of the whole nation.

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